As 2021 has just started, we’re sure that all your celebrations had all the required elements from dancing, tasty foods & drinks, happiness and even a sigh of peace. Today we took the liberty to list out the trendiest fashion that was shopped for these very celebrations. That’s right, a highlight of 2020 new year’s eve fashion brought to you by yours truly. So let’s reveal the grand hits of the last night of a roller coaster worth of a year.


Sequins were reported out of stock as girls were found swooning over this pretty work of glitter. Women around the country were sparkling in short skirts, long skirts, tops and even dresses. The charm that was added to the celebrations with the sequins was mesmerizing.


Formals were rated fairly high as people from different states switched from work mode to party mode for the ball to drop at 00:00 hrs. Classy work outfits were modified by women with accessories and embellishments to channel their party spirits. They wore palazzo pants, bell trousers, Culottes trousers, body-con formal dresses and dazzling solid colored pant suits to rock both work and the fiesta that followed later.


There’s obviously no limitation to fashion or culture in our country. Ladies adorned these beautiful designer & party wear sarees for the celebration of new foundations and beginnings. The festivities were marked elegant and compulsive embroidered sarees in vibrant shades of red, black & magenta, Zardozi worked sarees, plain shimmer sarees in golden and silver and the fresh, lovely floral prints were some eye catching acmes.


Now it’s not necessary that every person on the planet is a party person. There are some wandering souls out there who just love to take this opportunity as a “me time” platform. They were the ones who were browsing online not just their favorite shows & movies but these were also the ones who wanted t-shirts for women online in India and joined the forces of comfortable sleepwear for the clock to strike twelve. Slipping into their comfy pyjamas and a warm t-shirt with their furry friend and maybe even a glass of wine with a warm box of pizza was their ideal form of celebrating New Year’s Eve.

2020 has not been the most humble year to any of us, but that did not stop people to bid a farewell to the year that taught us how to appreciate the things we already have, the people we love, helped us break the cycle of a mundane work life and gave us a golden chance to spend time with our families. So these were the sum total highlights of 2020 New Year’s eve celebrations concluded for your vogue knowledge.