Things to Remember When Shopping Online

Things to Remember When Shopping Online

Online shoppers still need to exercise extreme caution when making purchases, despite the fact that it has intensified competition for traditional stores. This is why so many people prefer to purchase goods from physical stores. They worry about getting conned. Due to the importance of these considerations, we have put together this essay to share them with you.


Check the Authenticity of the seller

With time, more and more online shops are popping up, and the most of them are running honest operations. Therefore, you might wish to check that the internet stores you buy from are legitimate. There are many tools available that you can use if you wish to confirm the legitimacy of a website.


Payment Methods and Safety

The next step is to make sure the seller accepts a variety of payment methods after you have verified the retailer's identification and validity. You must feel comfortable giving the store the details of your credit card. A receipt and invoice should also be provided by the vendor for each order in addition to this.

Check the Online Identity of the seller

Make sure a website has a verifiable identification in addition to evaluating its credibility. Although it is impossible to completely eradicate cybercrime from the internet, there are a few simple actions you can take to confirm the legitimacy of online merchants.

Customer Reviews are always helpful

Finally, you might wish to examine online customer reviews. You will find it much simpler to learn what other customers have to say about the product's quality based on these reviews. Ideally, you might wish to select goods with at least a 4.5-star rating.


Customers can now get everything they want delivered right to their doorsteps much more easily thanks to online shopping. It is a fantastic service, but it may also be difficult at times. As a result, you might want to double-check that your address is accurate. If the address is incorrect, the products will be delivered to the incorrect location, and there may be delays.


To cut a long tale short, these are only a few of the most crucial factors to take into account before making an online purchase. Consider these straightforward advice the next time you shop online, and you'll always be in the clear.

November 29, 2022 — Rohan Jangra
Mistakes People Make When Shopping And What You Should Avoid

Mistakes People Make When Shopping And What You Should Avoid

Shopping is fun, but if it is not done in the right way, it can make you waste a lot of your hard-earned money too! When you are out shopping with your friends and family, you must make sure that you are aware of the most common mistakes which people make when they are shopping. After knowing these mistakes, you will likely save a lot of money, and will also end up buying quality products. If you are inexperienced in shopping, there are more chances that you will make mistakes, and the only way of avoiding these mistakes is by getting an advantage from the mistakes of others. You can learn from your own experiences too, but this will take time, and till you reach a time when you can have a good shopping experience, you would most probably have wasted a lot of money.


Women's shopping is always a challenging task, and you need to be extra vigilant when you are buying clothes and other related products for women. If you do not want to make this difficult experience more difficult by not knowing the mistakes which are common in this regard, you must learn the most common mistakes which are made by people. After learning these mistakes, you will come in a position where you will not end up buying high-quality products but will also save some money which you can use to buy more quality products.

Most Common Mistakes:

Saving money, time, and energy while shopping is easier than you think. You can save a lot of money easily by just not repeating the mistakes which are made by people when they are shopping for men’s clothing. Following are the most common mistakes which you need to learn in order to make better decisions when you are out shopping with your friends or family.

Following Sales and Offers – 

This is true that sales are a wonderful way of buying many products at cheaper rates, but this might not be the right thing to do for several reasons. Many people would buy a thing because they were able to procure it for cheap rates. However, they will not wear it a lot of times, and when they get bored of it, that thing will stay in their closet for long! This is because they never wanted to buy that product in the first instance, and they bought it only because they were getting that at cheaper rates. If you are looking to make a good shopping experience, you should ensure that you are buying the right product and are ready to pay the price for it.

Not Trying What They Buy – 

Another common mistake which people make when they buy clothing items is that they do not try what they buy! Trying rooms and changing rooms are important to try as they will tell you whether you should be investing your money in that specific item or not. You should make a habit of trying the article before you pay for it, and this is the right way of buying clothing items. If you do not want to try many items, you can shortlist the items by size, you can try least items before you buy the final product. When you try a product, you can make certain assessments, and this will definitely help you in making the right decision. You can ask the accompanying person to help you decide as well.

People prefer Brand over Quality – 

Many people have become brand conscious these days, and they want to wear branded products only. As a result, they often neglect the quality and buy the wrong product. You must not repeat this mistake as this will lead to a waste of money only. Whenever you are buying Men’s Streetwear or related items, you should prefer quality and should check it before you pay anything. You can easily find high-quality products with the help of the best online stores which might not be extremely popular brands, but they will sell you excellent quality at reasonable rates.

They Avoid Shopping Around - 

Another mistake which we see that people make is not shopping around. They hesitate in checking multiple stores, and as a result, they stick to only one store and buy products from there, which are either of low quality or are quite expensive. In order to get things done in the right manner, you must ensure that you have checked several stores before making any decision on this. if you think that this will waste your time, and you are not ready to visit multiple stores for this purpose, the best thing you can do in this regard is to check multiple online stores. Checking multiple online stores is quite easier as compared to going to multiple local stores.

November 23, 2022 — Rohan Jangra
Why Waxing is Better than Shaving

Why Waxing is Better than Shaving

Most people's long-term grooming worry with excess hair growth is whether to wax or shave, which is a tough and challenging decision. This small choice could have a big effect on how you live your life. While shaving may initially seem more uncomfortable, waxing really takes less time overall. Your skin is sensitive and you need to take care of it right from the start and it is no exaggeration to say that-  You can't go wrong with waxing when determining what's best for your skin!


No more scrapes and itching

Cuts and bruises could occur after shaving. If you cut your skin, especially if you use a razor frequently, you run the risk of getting an infection. Depilation is possible with waxing without the painful cuts and nicks that razor blades produce. Waxing yields excellent results. You should also be aware that shaving can cause razor burn, irritation, ingrown hairs, and inflamed hair follicles. Conversely, waxing exfoliates the skin.

Smooth and long-lasting result

In contrast to shaving, which only causes your skin to get prickly after a few countable days, waxing can leave you feeling as soft and smooth as a baby's bottom for almost three weeks. Finding time to shave every few days can be challenging with our busy lifestyles. After waxing, your skin will be smooth and velvety for several weeks because the hair is entirely forced to grow back from the root. Put on cotton clothing to feel the smoothness and let your skin breathe. 


Exfoliation is assured, and hyperpigmentation has disappeared.

An additional advantage of waxing is that it helps get rid of dead skin cells. Your skin will become softer as dead skin cells are removed. You can still exfoliate a few days before waxing if you want to. To prevent ingrown hairs, exfoliate your skin several days before waxing. After shaving, some people observe that their skin seems darker; however, this is not the case after waxing. In addition to exfoliating your skin, waxing also helps to prevent hyperpigmentation.


Thinner hair regrowing

Your hair may grow more slowly if you continue to maintain a regular waxing schedule. When your hair grows back, you will realize that it is hardly noticeable if you wax frequently. This is also conceivable as a result of your hair follicles seeming weaker and finer due to frequent waxing. Shaving causes the hair to be broken off at the thickest area of the follicle, which makes it come back thicker.

November 02, 2022 — Rohan Jangra
A Quick Look at India's Major Festivals

A Quick Look at India's Major Festivals

India is a country that is rich in heritage and culture. We celebrate religion like no other country in this world, making the people of India celebrate more than 50 festivals in a single year. While many of them are demographically and geographically celebrated, there are many which are celebrated throughout pan India. If someone has to celebrate all of the Indian festivals, one life would be short. But we have compiled a list of Major Indian Festivals that you should celebrate in your life.

No matter where you live in India and the culture that you follow, these festivals are a treat to the inner soul. They not only give you the insights of our ancient history but also bind us together in peace and harmony. Without further ado, let us browse through these festivals and know a little bit more about them.


Diwali- Festival of Lights

Diwali is undoubtedly the biggest festival of India both in terms of significance and the days it is celebrated for. Diwali is a 5 days festival that is started by Dhanteras and ends with Bhaidooj. The pan-Indian celebration known for lighting up our lives, is today joyfully celebrated globally. The festival, which sends a powerful message of good triumphing over evil, is celebrated throughout the country. Women celebrate the festival of lights by starting the day with an auspicious pooja and ending it with traditional women outfits, sweets, and bright Diyas. The homes are adorned with electric light garlands and colourful rangolis. Through the Diwali holiday, ignite the light of brotherhood and goodness inside you.



Holi- Festival of Colours

The feeling of the colourful Holi celebration is like a Pandora's box of healthy joy and good-natured mischief. This festival is gaining appeal on a global scale where not only people from around the world come to India to celebrate Holi, but also play Holi in their own countries.  Holi is celebrated by throwing and applying colours on one another in a variety of jubilant hues. The event is even played by throwing and spraying water on each other using water cannons and water balloons as friendly weapons. Allow yourself to get immersed in the pinks, greens, and reds of Holi and forget about your blues for the day. Holi is the celebration of good over evil and the destruction of demoness Holika. Holika Dahan takes place before the actual celebration of holi. This festival should be on the bucket list of every person around the world. If you are a woman, do allow yourself to buy women dresses and add even more happiness during this festival.


Janmashtmi- Birth of Lord Krishna

The birthday of the beloved Hindu God, Lord Krishna, is widely celebrated as Janmashtmi in North India. The primary celebrations, however, take place in Vrindavan and Mathura, Krishna's birthplace. The temples are packed with people fasting on this auspicious day and waiting for the temple priest to reveal the Krishna idol at the precise time of his birth. Elsewhere, the holiday is observed with zeal, with local community activities related to Krishna's life stories, which are artistically depicted.


Dussehra- Vijaydashmi


The pinnacle of the nine days of Navrati culminates in the tenth day of Dussehra. The main feature of this celebration is the burning of statues of Ravan and his two brothers, representing Lord Rama defeating Ravan in the epic Ramayana. The statues are loaded with firecrackers, resulting in loud sounds and collapsing of statues that stand about 100 feet tall. This is followed by even louder cheers from the audience in celebration of the symbolic feat. In some places, the days leading up to Dussehra are commemorated by street performances called Ramlila that depict the complete Ramayana. The best places to celebrate Dussehra are Kullu, Kolkata, Mysore and Varanasi.


Ganesh Chaturthi-Vinayak Chaturthi

The celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi, which is prominently observed in the state of Maharashtra, is an example of a culturally loaded environment. The event lasts ten days, the last of which is filled with the most celebration. Huge Lord Ganesha idols are transported to the seashore for the Visarjan procession, which involves immersing the idol in the water. The walk from one's house to the seashore is filled with dancing and singing. The best places to be around Ganesh Chaturthi are Pune, Mumbai and Maharashtra.



Some say that for Sikh Community Gurupurab is like their Diwali. Gurupurab, which commemorates the birth anniversaries of the Sikh Gurus, is a significant holiday for the Sikh community. Gurdwaras are ablaze with the light of love and humanity. Kadha prashad, a delicious and holy meal, is served in langars, and people even light fireworks in the middle of the night to commemorate Gurgupurab.


There you have it, all the major festivals in a single place. Eat, shop and celebrate these festivals because you only live once.




September 23, 2022 — Rohan Jangra
Back to college essentials for Girls

Back to college essentials for Girls

The college period is undoubtedly the best part of the life, it gives us memories that we can cherish throughout lifetime. It is one of the most entertaining, educating and experiencing time in an individual’s life. Such a wonderful time demands equally wonderful clothing. Especially in places like India where we are supposed to wear uniform for 14 years of our school life, we are destined to wear fashionable clothes in college.

Ok, so, you have just finished your holidays and you are returning to college for your fall semester, it is going to be your duty to look fabulous when you enter in the new semester. This guide will come in handy for all those girls out there who want to make a statement with their attire. Because going to class or coming out of it does not need to be boring. Let us walk you through the carefully curated points of “Back to college essentials” which will make you feel confident in your own skin.


Pack Those T-Shirts ASAP

Purchase a few basic women Tshirt or tank tops in various lengths (including cropped tees) and basic colours such as black, white, grey, and navy blue. Also, for diversity, include at least one fun tee in your favorite colour! These can be worn at any time any place and most importantly at times when you are confused so as to “What to wear?”. Please make sure you have a week worth of T-Shirts as they are your companion for days and nights.


Cute Tops

Nothing looks better than a lovely Cute Top. With so many alternatives, there's no way you can't go to class feeling confident. With options like Blouses, casual wear T-Shirts, bodysuits, button-downs, and crop tops you can display a fun, flirtatious, casual style. Not to mention that you can wear these tops with any bottoms and shoes you like. You can make an infinite number of outfits with them.




No college wardrobe can be said to be complete without some dresses in it. To be honest, you don’t need much of an occasion to wear that gorgeous dress that you bought online. Feel free to wear those cocktail dresses, summer dresses or even striking little black dresses for any gathering or late night parties. As the fall season progresses, there will be a lot of events and festivals where your can rock in those dresses of yours. Top it up a notch with some accessories for a fully elevated look.


Winter is Coming!!

Your fall semester will start with melting heats and in a blink of an eye reach freezing colds. Make sure you pack your jackets and blazers beforehand to avoid a round trip to home. A winter coat, fall jackets and some hoodies will do the trick for you.


Pair of Sneakers

We all know the importance of making it through the day without getting unbearable pain by heels. A pair or two of comfortable yet funky sneakers will take you through your whole semester. The fun fact that sneaker can go nice with almost everything makes them a pivotal component of your wardrobe.

The above suggestions will cover almost every thing related to style and accessory during these awesome college days. !






September 08, 2022 — Rohan Jangra
Flared Pants are Back With a Bang!

Flared Pants are Back With a Bang!

Fashion and its trends are ever changing, newer trends and newer looks are always around the corner. On one hand generations like to go with the current trends only and on the other hand they welcome retro trends from time to time. Such a retro trend emerging from the unknown has been seen in the case of Flared Pants. Retro Denims and Pants are making a comeback these days. Anti-skinny Jeans came back in trend in 2021 and we are still witnessing Flare Trends on the runway and the streets.

Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Harry Styles and Rihanna gave a seal of approval while they were spotted in 70s inspired Flares. Bollywood celebrities like Ranveer Kapoor has literally made flared pants his go to look. So, what is this fuss about flared pants? Let us just dive into the details to further enhance your Fashion knowledge.

The origin of Flares

 Surprisingly the origin of Flared Pants has nothing to do with fashion, sailors in America started to wear Bell- Bottom trousers for their comfort and rigidness. Flares started to appear in movies in the 70s and Generation X instantly became mad about it. Even millennials after watching movies of Amitabh Bachchan and Shashi Kapoor, went into full Bell Bottom Jeans mode. It is no exaggeration to say that Movies and TV pushed Flared into mainstream.

Types of Flares in Demand

  1. High Waisted Flares: Starting above your waistline these flares give you a look and finish of super long legs.
  2. Low Rise Flared jeans: Gives you a combined look of the 70s and the 2000s. Combine with heavy trainers and cropped top to kill the competition.
  3. Tall Flared Jeans: Tend to exaggerate your already good height with these flares. These are especially for longer legged ladies out there. Pair them with casual tank tops or long coat to draw eyes from everywhere.
  4. Plus sized Flared Jeans: If you are aligned more on the curvier side, this type of flare is a blessing to you. Don’t think much, just slip them on and be ready to go.

Flares to fit your Body Style

The modern flares can be considered as one of the most flattering styles of jeans for women. Just put them on and they will add grace to your figure. As a result, they fit all types of body styles from curvy to tall and Narrow Hips to Petite. Flared Jeans for Women are a treat for every body type. 

Shoes to wear with your Flares

 Platform shoes in any form are the way to go with Flares. These might be sneakers, sandals, or boots. Converse canvas trainers, on the other hand, are a terrific way to wear flares for a casual look but only if you're not into the idea of adding additional height to your appearance.

 Wrapping it up

In a nutshell we can, without a single doubt, say that Flared Pants are back with a vengeance. Gone are the days when once a fashion became obsolete, it kept on being outdated. Flared Jeans proved nothing but the fact that fashion never becomes a thing of past. People in the 70s were obsessed about flared style, millennials followed the style and the generation Z are just going with the trends which once were an absolute stunner. Retro Denims came back and showed us how tough as well as stylish our grandparents were!! Flares are here to stay!!

How to choose Your Outfit Of The Day

How to choose Your Outfit Of The Day

Your clothes define Style, your Style defines your Fashion and your Fashion speaks great lengths about you. It is not just about your style statement that you give on a special occasion, rather it is about everyday hustle and bustle while being stylish. This is where OOTD comes into play. OOTD or OUTFIT OF THE DAY is an adaptation of WIWT (What I Wore Today) used in a fashion to let others know what you have worn or going to wear on that particular day.

Often it becomes really difficult to choose the stylish look on a daily basis, luckily we have got you. Here are some elementary ideas to help you choose your Outfit Of The Day.


1 Open the weather app before you open your closet.

Your decision of wearing a heavy dress can go in vain if the clouds are pouring rain outside, style yourself according to the weather outside. Add some layers if it is going to be cold and move to your spring and summer clothes if it is shiny outside.


2 Understand the statement you want to make with your OOTD Fashion

This is by far one of the most important things to keep in mind. Dress yourself according to the occasion, style yourself for an Instagram selfie or dress yourself for your office. Make sure you have a preconceived attire accordingly. Once this step is done, go ahead and pick a sexy outfit for a date or a formal one for your office, or why not something that does both.

3 Go with the mood and Go with the flow.

Sometimes your mood controls your outfit and many a times your outfit makes your mood better. They say, you can never find a woman being sad in a beautiful dress. Choose your happy outfit every day, treat yourself the way you want others to treat you. Wear something that gets you a shower of compliments and make you feel ecstatic.


4 Start Layering Up

Once you have finalized the occasion and style statement, start by choosing your base or first layer of your clothing. There are plenty of options from basic Tops and Jeans to go with, but try and build your outfit around the base. Add life to your clothing with the outer layer now and you are almost there. Jackets, shirts, vests, blazers make excellent layers.

5 Pick Your Accessories and Shoes


What kind of shoes you should choose depend on your attire. Consider everything that is happening or going to happen during the day and complete your style. Your choice of shoes can make or break your outfit, try matching or maybe mix-matching if it is your style. Now you are all set, pitch in your favorite accessory like, earrings, watch, purse, necklace, a scarf, anything you like.



Choosing your OOTD is really simple as long as you divide it into manageable steps. You probably have all the necessary combinations of clothes in your closet, you just have to know where to start and how to start building your OOTD. Now you know how to do this also, Keep styling- Keep Rocking.

August 24, 2022 — Rohan Jangra
Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech Have Given Their Baby A Very Unique Name

Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech Have Given Their Baby A Very Unique Name

"What's in a name?" is a question that was infamously posed by William Shakespeare. Maybe he didn't understand what star kids were back then! Even while we all enjoy hearing about new babies, we are all much too eager to find out what names our favourite celebrities' partners choose for their offspring. Former Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh and his wife Hazel Keech just announced the name of their baby son on Instagram, and it is just wonderful.

Yuvraj posted images of the couple and their gorgeous youngster on Father's Day and wrote a touching caption: “Welcome to the world 𝗢𝗿𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝗞𝗲𝗲𝗰𝗵 𝗦𝗶𝗻𝗴𝗵 ❤️. Mummy and Daddy love their little “puttar”. Your eyes twinkle with every smile just as your name is written amongst the stars ✨ #HappyFathersDay”

The new mama Hazel Keech also posted a few snaps with baby Orion with the caption: “Happy first Fathers Day to you @yuvisofficial You’ve dreamt of this day since before we even met, now here you are, a burping, bottle feeding, nappy-changing, rocking-baby-to-sleep Papa with all the sleep deprivation and vomit that comes along with the giggles, smiles and joy. You’re a great hands-on dad and I'm proud of the effort you make, always trying your best xx Happy Fathers Day to you too Granddad. I love that Orion gets to see so much of you while you’re patiently waiting for him to be big enough to throw around. Happy Fathers Day to you @yograjofficial Orion waiting to pull your beard and meet the Grandpa with the booming voice. Xx”

The Meaning Behind The Name- Orion

The constellation in the sky that resembles a hunter with a belt made up of the three brightest stars in the sky is called Orion, and its name is of Greek origin. Greek mythology describes Orion as a powerful hunter who Zeus set amid the stars. It refers to a star that is rising in the sky.
Although he may be too young to realise it, Baby Orion is already the brightest star on Instagram. Now, we are only waiting for papa Yuvraj and mom Hazel to grace our feeds with more lovely images!
June 23, 2022 — Aditya Gokhale
Great Musicians Who Passed in 2022

Great Musicians Who Passed in 2022

2022 hasn’t been the most wonderful of years so far. We have lost absolute legends of the Indian entertainment sector. We have lost legendary singers, musicians, dancers and actors in the 6 months since the turn of the year. We take a look at the 5 supremely talented musicians that our country has lost this year.

Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar (Famous Playback Singer) – Died on 6th February 2022 Due To Covid (Aged 92 Years)

Legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar died in Mumbai's Breach Candy Hospital on Sunday. She was 92. She was cremated with full state honours at Mumbai's iconic Shivaji Park. Lata Mangeshkar was taken to the intensive care unit on January 8 after testing positive for COVID-19. On Saturday, her condition had deteriorated again and she had to be put on ventilator support. Lata Mangeshkar, a recipient of the Bharat Ratna, Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan and Dadasaheb Phalke Awards, was an icon of Indian cinema, having sung playback for an extensive list of Hindi films; she also sang in several regional languages including Marathi and Bengali.

Bappi Lahiri (Bollywood Film Musician) – Died on 16th February 2022 Due To Covid Related Problem. (Aged 69 Years)

Veteran singer-composer Bappi Lahiri died in a Mumbai hospital due to multiple health issues. He died on the night of 16th February at Mumbai's CritiCare Hospital in Juhu. He was 69. Fondly referred to as Bappi da, he was best known for his hit numbers as was for his fascination for gold. Bappi Lahiri was known as the true blue 'Disco King' of Bollywood of the 80s and 90s, especially for his widely popular songs for films such as Namak Halaal, Disco Dancer and Dance Dance.
Confident of his Elvis-inspired fondness for jewellery, he turned “Bejewelled Bappida” into his signature style and stepped out laden with gold, several chins and folds on the neck, his smile in place. Goodbye, Bappida. It was a pleasure knowing you. 

Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma (Santoor Musician) – Died on 10th May 2022 Due To Heart-Related Illness (Aged 84 Years)

Pt. Shivkumar Sharma, veteran santoor maestro, passed away in Mumbai due to cardiac arrest. He was 84. Hailing from Jammu, Pt. Shivkumar, put the multiple-string santoor at the centre stage. He adapted the instrument to play Hindustani music and became its foremost exponent. He was also suffering from renal ailments.
Despite massive success in films, classical music remained Sharma’s focus and he carried the delicate santoor to concerts around the world. “Classical music is not for entertainment. It is to take you on a meditative journey, ye toh mehsoos karne ki cheez hai (This has to be experienced),” he would often say.
For decades, Sharma’s santoor spoke a unique language, one that the world didn’t know before him, one that was sometimes hymnal and on others idyllic, sometimes from a world of deep-rooted classicality and on others allowed one to navigate life’s chaos to be amid transcendental silence — the kind that only his music could generate.

Shubhdeep Singh Sidhu aka. Sidhu Moose Wala (Punjabi Singer, Rapper, And Politician) – Died on 29th May 2022 Due To A Gunshot Wound. (Aged 30 Years.)

Sidhu Moose Wala was an Indian singer, rapper, actor and politician associated with Punjabi music and Punjabi cinema. He started his career as a songwriter for the song "License" by Ninja, and began his singing career on a duet song titled "G Wagon". Following his debut, he collaborated with Brown Boyz for various tracks which were released by Humble Music. Moose Wala admired and was influenced by rapper Tupac Shakur. He started listening to hip-hop music in the 6th grade and learned musical skills from Harvinder Bittu in Ludhiana. According to statements he made while campaigning, he choose "Moose Wala" for his stage name as a tribute to his home village of Moosa.

K.K (Indian playback Singer) – Died on 31st May 2022 due to a heart attack. (Aged 53 Years)

Popular Bollywood singer Krishnakumar Kunnath, popularly known as KK, passed away on Tuesday after a concert at Gurudas College, in Kolkata. Kunnath was taken to a private hospital in south Kolkata after falling ill during a live concert as he felt chest congestion.
Friendship and the bittersweet weight of nostalgia were recurring themes in KK's songs - this was perhaps best captured in the soulful Pal (Moment) and Yaaron (Friends). The lyrics, along with the velvety youthfulness of his voice, struck a chord with millennials coming of age in the late 1990s and early 2000s, who would hum along to it at parties and perform it at college festivals.
KK was also the voice behind several iconic romantic songs many of which were produced by music composer Pritam and duo Vishal-Shekhar. His biggest hits included Tadap Tadap Ke, Khuda Jaaney, Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai, Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hai and Dus Bahane.
June 21, 2022 — Aditya Gokhale
You Can The Help The LGBTQIA+ Community By Being An Ally

You Can The Help The LGBTQIA+ Community By Being An Ally

Anyone, regardless of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity, can support lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people. Deepening your understanding of LGBT-related issues, including basic terms and concepts, can help you support LGBT-identified people. You may have heard of the term “ally” in relation to LGBT issues. Here, we describe some ways to think about what “ally” means and provide helpful tips on how to be one.

What Does “Ally” Mean?

  • A person who has a genuine, strong concern for the well-being of LGBT people
  • A person who supports and accepts LGBT people, and advocates for equal rights and fair treatment
  • A person who confronts challenges that LGBT people experience, and believes that we face these problems in society:
    • Heterosexism — The assumption that everyone is or should be straight
    • Biprejudice — Harmful, preconceived ideas about bisexual people
    • Transprejudice — Harmful, preconceived ideas about transgender people
    • Heterosexual Privilege — The everyday privileges straight people have in society. For example, the ability to display attraction or affection (e.g., holding hands) to the opposite gender in public without fear of judgment or even violence

Ways to Be an Ally:

  • Stay Informed: If you don’t know the difference between sex and gender or current LGBT-related news and issues, educate yourself. Ask questions, do research, and don’t be afraid, to be honest about what you don’t know.
  • Speak Up: There are many reasons why people don’t speak up when they hear something offensive, like “that’s so gay.” It can be awkward, people don’t know what to say, or don’t want to make the situation worse. But, words can hurt. When you speak up, it educates others, lets them know their words are not acceptable and may give others the courage to speak up as well. You can also change how people act in the future. This is powerful.
  • Be Honest: Speak openly about family members, friends, and colleagues who are LGBT, if they are out and are comfortable with you discussing it with others. People often assume they will offend others or make them uncomfortable if they mention LGBT topics. Also, remember that occasional disagreement is normal and healthy!
  • Support Equality: Support policies at school, work, or other places that help protect LGBT people from discrimination. Even if the issues seem small, they can have a big impact on people’s lives. If you see or hear of an unfair rule or policy, talk to a peer or trusted adult about your concerns and what you can do to make a change.
  • Come Out as an Ally: Anyone can be an ally, regardless of their sexual orientation and/or gender identity. Be proud to support the LGBT community. Remember, being an ally can be joining an LGBT group — or as simple as showing your support online.
Allies are important and welcome supporters of the LGBT community. They can be effective and powerful voices for LGBT equality and can not only help LGBT people feel comfortable coming out but also help others understand the importance of equality and fairness for all people.
    June 02, 2022 — Aditya Gokhale
    Kim Kardashian Wearing Marilyn Monroe's Dress to the Met Gala "Was a Big Mistake"

    Kim Kardashian Wearing Marilyn Monroe's Dress to the Met Gala "Was a Big Mistake"

    Bob Mackie, the legendary costume designer who created the renowned 1962 dress Marilyn Monroe wore to serenade John F. Kennedy on his 45th birthday, has just given his opinion on Kim Kardashian donning the historic gown at the 2022 Met Gala.
    May 19, 2022 — Aditya Gokhale
    How Football and Fashion Are Colliding

    How Football and Fashion Are Colliding


    Fashion and football have always had a symbiotic relationship. In the 1970s and 1980s, it was the fans, or so-called casuals, who became style pioneers, importing European luxury labels like Stone Island and Fila before anyone else and, in the process, establishing terrace fashion. Then there's fashion, which, as Martine Rose, Liam Hodges, and just about every other designer with half an eye on the outside world have demonstrated, appears to find an eternal source of inspiration in the game.

    Even footballers, who have long been anti-Midases of fashion, favouring trucker caps, bootcut jeans, and anything else from the Trafford Centre's terrible taste area, have gotten in on the act. Hector Bellerin, Arsenal's former full-back, is leading the campaign post-Beckham, spending as much time on the front row of Fashion Week as he does in the Emirates dugout.

    When it comes to clubs, uniforms, and the official end of football fashion, however, the outcomes have historically been disappointing at best, and downright shocking at worst. Dover Street boys, high-end designers, and streetwear firms can readily repurpose football gear, but because clubs are primarily governed by normie marketing execs and ex-players, we've rarely seen kits and training clothing that match the game's stylistic appeal.

    There has been many a flop, deadlock, or catastrophe for every Fiorucci-sponsored Milan gear, every Balenciaga-esque David James jersey, or Wavey Garms-friendly throwback football shirt. People have formed websites dedicated to bad football uniforms, where they can bemoan the iconic Hull City 'tiger' jersey, Coventry's dirt brown number from 1978, and Chelsea's 'broken TV grey and Tango orange' away shirt from the 1994/95 season.

    There is still a gap between what people believe is attractive and what teams really do. Despite the large social media announcements, massive sponsorship agreements, and staged deliveries, many modern football uniforms are major disappointments — victims of both overthinking and underthinking. One of the most recent instances is Arsenal's '19/20 'bruised banana' away uniform.

    However, there are genuine signs of progress. Men's fashion is dominated by sportswear, and football culture is once again trendy. It's the subject of magazines like Mundial. On stage, Loyle Carner wears football clothing. Drake is always seen wearing these. All of this implies that the flashy suit brigade in charge has begun to delegate some aesthetic power to a younger generation, which in turn looks to high fashion and streetwear for inspiration.

    The home kit of Paris Saint-Germain – the gold-standard bearer for stylish football shirts – is one of the great kit triumphs of recent years, one that you'll virtually certainly find in practically any conurbation greater than 500 people on the planet. In recent years, this shirt from a little-loved side in a little-watched league has become something of an iconic piece. It isn't the most beautiful or spectacular song, but its simplicity, as well as its use in music videos by rappers like PNL and MHD, has solidified it as a must-have. It was most recently spotted on 'Alex from Glasto,' who, while being from Somerset, certainly doesn't follow Thomas Tuchel's lads everywhere they go, but finds something in the implications it brings.

    It's difficult to pinpoint why that shirt has become so popular (and it's certainly not the team), but it's a model that many clubs and even national teams are emulating: an instantly recognisable, collectable kit that transcends traditional local allegiances in the way that American basketball vests frequently do.

    Following the unintended success of its home uniform, PSG has now launched a diffusion line, its own 'X' cooperation with Nike Jordan, who, incidentally, are pioneers in the field of sportswear as streetwear. It's not difficult to picture the components being part of the official PSG outfit in the future.

    Juventus, which is also striving for reputation (and a Champions League spot), has struck an unexpected alliance with Palace Skateboards. There was speculation that Palace would design the official uniform, but Adidas swiftly put it to rest by presenting the worst Juventus kit in years. Cristiano Ronaldo may not be wearing Palace just yet, but the relationship demonstrates both Palace and Juventus' ambitions, both in their own industries and in the worldwide market for cool, where a football team can now be as cool as a brand or rapper if they so choose.

    Then there's the 2018 Nigeria World Cup kit, which became a genuine hot piece for even casual fans, far more so than any of the more established team's attempts, owing to the fact that it wasn't afraid to be flamboyant, on-trend, and aware of the team's culture. Like the finest Air Jordan sneakers, resellers went wild for it, and it's already been re-released several times.

    Not to mention tracksuits and training gear, which were originally solely worn by club physios but are now quite popular in the age of athleisure. Naturally, PSG appears to be in the forefront of this.

    Football's artistic possibilities are beginning to expand. We may be a long way from seeing the Versace X Stoke City home kit that we all crave, but clubs are surely looking to the streets and catwalks for inspiration, that can only be a good thing. We could be looking at a new golden era of football kits if it stays exciting and collaborative rather than cliched and cynical. Alternatively, those 'worst kits ever' blogs may still have a few more entries.

    May 16, 2022 — Aditya Gokhale