Year 2021. Indian women have not only broken the unconventional norms of the Indian society;

they are now proving themselves on the global platform. The world has seen Indian women
rising to the top. And yeah, we do take pride in that because, why not?
But hypocrisy exists and there is no denying in that. Recently, there have been certain incidents
regarding women’s clothing, specifically ‘ripped jeans’, questioning women’s integrity and
values. How backward is that? 21 st century and people are still stuck at these outmoded “values”.



What people fail to realize that it is their mentality that makes anything right or wrong! There are
records of women experiencing unpleasant situations even when they are not showing the tiniest
bit of their body. We need to change that mentality. It is way more harmful than we can ever
realize. Showing a part of the knee is never shouting ‘I’m here to grab attention’. It is funny how
people think that they have the right and most importantly ‘enough knowledge’ to talk about
what or what not a woman should wear.
When Dipa Karmarkar became the first Indian to qualify for an Olympic final, nobody talked
about how naked she was below the thighs. When Hima Das represented India in
Commonwealth games, nobody raised a single voice. This is straight up hypocrisy and we won’t
take that anymore.
Fashion makes people confident. It makes them believe in themselves. We all are given freedom
by the constitution of India. We do not need people to tell us what is wrong for us and what is
not. It is your turn to look into yourself. You need to realize why a woman’s knees or shoulders
or belly makes you so uncomfortable that you feel like it should be illegal to show that much
skin. A woman gave you birth, how ‘ethical’ is it on your part to question her values just because
her knee is showing. It is high time that we educate men of the society. People need to accept the
fact that the only body they have the right to, is their own.
Your remarks and opinions are way more harmful than you think they are important. We used to
celebrate women in this country and it is very sad to see the county in such shape. Women make
the world a better place to live in. They are not to be caged or oppressed. No one gets to give
their take on clothing until and unless they themselves are not wearing it. It is not that
complicated. We have bigger issues to focus on. “Bare knees” are not even an issue.
Next time, male or female, if you feel like giving your opinion on someone’s clothing, kindly
keep it to yourself. Your view can be dangerous, for yourself, of course. We live in a free
country; we get to decide what and what not is inappropriate for us. And yes, your views? They
are inappropriate, said it.

April 23, 2021 — Nitisha Maan