Fabric Trends You Need To Know About

It’s not always about the prints, colours or embellishments; sometimes it’s also about the fabric. Textiles have the most important role to play when it comes to designing a garment. However, its role, more often than not, is undermined in terms of styling of an outfit. A fabric can make or break your look. Hence, it is important that we know about the fabrics as well in order to know about the fashion.


Textile Trends


Surely you have noticed crinkled and crushed fabrics in the showrooms as well as on the streets. They make any garment look breathable, raw and organic. In the simplest way possible, a wrinkled fabric can uplift any look from your wardrobe.


This was definitely a trend that we saw coming. After the fashion industry went through a sustainable makeover, fabrics like cotton and linen have risen to the top. Climate change is quite visible everywhere in the present world today. It only makes sense to embrace linen and its blended counterparts for a better future of fashion.


Linen Fashion


The same ideology of sustainability is also making people shift towards a more minimal, rural and natural approach. It is because of this that people are moving closer to fabrics that are faded and are bulkier but in a flowy way. Love for colours like maroon and dark olive green, are also indicative of this popular shift.


This trend is in particular of the denims. From silhouettes to colours, there is a pair of denim to suit every personality out there. However, this season sustainability has made its way to replace denims as well. Trust us, organic denim is only a lightening away from taking the fashion world by storm.





October 16, 2019 — Kiran Rawat