Ever wondered about the fact that women’s clothing line comprises of pockets which are the size of a fortune cookie and sometimes non-existent, doesn’t it all seem like a strategy? A master plan to give the ladies a nudge towards investing in handbags huh? Well, plan or no plan we can’t complain about the charming delicacies of bags that we’re just tempted by to our core. From carrying our everyday essentials to a supreme comfort and fashion, handbags are an accessory a girl tends to just fall for. Here’s a selective list of a healthy give-in to these very temptations.

Handbags for Women


To carry your regime necessities in a style like no other, one must have a trapeze bag in their collection. These bags are highly fashionable and easy to carry without any hassle. Advanced build and iconic shape of this accessory makes it a component of capacity which means you can easily carry a lot of items that you might require on your day or night out can effortlessly be mobilized in a very chic containment.


For a girly look and a bulk equipment to be made portable, you definitely cannot miss out on a tote bag. Commonly familiar amongst university students in India, tote bags have conquered a high target in the bags market because of diversified look and carrying capacity. From lecture/seminar notebooks, to laptops and even for a simple grocery run, tote bags are the “revolution” to cart luggage with an easy to carry shoulder strap design.


The lord of all bag designs is the bag pack; comfortable portability, multiple storage options and dandy when it comes to looks. From storing notepads, books, laptops to daily supplies like makeup, water bottle and snacks- back pack has a designated slot and compartments for all your multi-purpose storage needs. It not only comes with a massive packing quality but also looks pretty cool with modern, casual outfits.


A day out with your girls or a night out with boo?  You must include a baguette bag to your collection because this baby would never disappoint you. It’s limited in terms of space, but that’s exactly what you need some days right? To carry only the emergency kit like lipstick, gloss and other touch up elements, your cell phone and wallet- carry it all in a chivalrous mode with a baguette.


If you need to spot a hipster icon, fanny pack is your first lookout. That’s right, fanny packs are an elderly of the bag kingdom but one can that they have been rejuvenated nowadays with slogan or graphic tees and loose denim jeans. It has had a massive influence on our nation’s fashion ever since the exposure of cultures other than America, say South Korean pop artists, China’s street fashion and more have had this influence and turned the sales of these bags downside up.