Highlights From The Paris Fashion Week SS’2020

The fashion season is not over just yet. The last and definitely not the least, the Paris Fashion Week was probably the most impactful. Setting global trends and influencing millions and millions of people, this year’s fashion fueled us with optimism and awareness. From climate change to politics, all was discussed and represented. Following are such other moments that we loved and will surely remember for more than just a season.


Paris Fashion Week 2019


Karl Lagerfeld’s succession at the iconic fashion house was filled anticipation and anxiety. Virginie Viard was successful in capturing the essence of creating an experience for her audience. The set of the show was converted into a whimsical reality of Parisian rooftops. The collection was youthful and fun, but that is sadly not what became the highlight of the show. A gate-crasher, dressed in Chanel from head to toe, barged into the final line-up. She continued to draw attention away from the clothes, until Gigi Hadid stepped in and escorted her out. The crasher has apparently crashed many shows this season as a prank for her social media platform.


Paris Fashion Week 2019 Chanel


Demna Gvasalia made quite a statement this season, without doing anything drastically different. By refusing to give any interview post the show, he left us all hanging with vague interpretations of his designs. The most common of the interpretation was a reference to BREXIT and the brand trying to build consistency through repetition. The highlight was obviously the structured couture-like ball gowns hinting at celebrations paired with dead, lifeless like expressions ,make-up and the scenery.


Paris Fashion Week 2019 Balenciaga


Dries Van Noten’s minimalism combined with Larcoix’s theatrical maximalism, resulted in an iconic wearable-couture fashion show. Larcoix was approached by Noten for the project. After leaving fashion for costume and interior designing, Larcoix made quite a comeback with this season. Both the designers blended their styles together to create a complementing palette. Larcoix, as believed, lacked an eye for retail, which is what Dries brought to the table along with his brilliantly fresh ideas and artistry.


Paris Fashion Week 2019 Dries Van Noten