It’s not a surprise that empowered women empower women and fashion is the convenient global language spoken by all around the globe. Kdramas (South Korean TV Dramas) are an exceptional paradigm when it comes to women’s fashion and one can witness high end fashion adorned by females there. Along with the fabulous romance, kdramas are known prominently for their outfits. So to inspire the fierce spirit of courageous women, we will be shining a light on some of the most iconic women workwear or business outfits for women spotted in the world of kdramas!  

What’s wrong with Secretary Kim?

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Other than the fun romantic chemistry between Park Min-Young and Park Seo Joon we were also reeled in for the sophistication of secretary  Kim’s outfits. These outfits are the go-to look or the most contemporary officewear for women.  One can easily afford these work clothes for women and shop office wear dresses for ladies in India online. A subtle light colored blouse top with pencil skirt or wrap skirt, pointed heels and statement earrings are the basic elements of this simple yet stunning look.

Crash Landing on You

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One woman-multiple outfits that we just can’t get enough of! The character Yoon Seri aka Son Ye-Jin playing the love romance of Captain Ri Jung Hyunk aka Hyun Bin, is portraying a business woman with her own clothing line proving that girls can build a whole empire if they put their mind and style to it. We observed phenomenal women’s workwear idea office wear dresses and outfits adorned by her throughout the series of episodes 

leaving us awestruck. She pulled off a floral print dress with brown leather boots and a peanut brown overcoat, blazer dress and more.

Dominating the stylish collection of officewear for women, Yoon Seri is the proof that sometimes crossing boundaries for love and fashion can become the adventure of a lifetime!

Crash Landing on You

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Another enchanting woman with an enigmatic fashion stance that we cannot forget to count in! Seo Ji-Hye made sure that supporting leads are never to be underestimated, especially in terms of charisma.

The outfits worn by Seo Ji-Hye were exceptionally quintessential when it comes to business formals for women. She adorns an appealing blazer suit with white statement scarf across her neck which can be an exceptional choice of outfit for your very important business meeting. She adorns a slant ruffled skirt and a blazer both in pure white color which made an uplifting and classic outfit for office wear.

Guardian; the Lonely & Great God:  

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This k-drama starring the famous Gong Yoo, Lee Dong-Wook, Kim Go-eun and our beloved fashion incon Sunny-shi aka Yoo In-na. Sunny made us fall in love with her quirky characters and snarky comments and above all her eccentric yet feisty fashion sense. With Olive green puffy coats, ice age blue co-ord sets, yolk yellow feathered sweater and many other amazing outfits, she left quite an impact on every audience.

The King; Eternal Monarch

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Last but not the least, Jung Eun-chae channels her inside boss lady vibe as she adorns stunning formal outfits as she plays the role of the youngest and first prime minister.  The striking red embroidered dress and the off white flare blazer with godet skirt were some of the outfits that stirred all the fashion feelings in us.

Outfits worn in k-dramas can be frenetic at times but when it comes to women’s formal wear, one can take ideas and inspirations from the South Korean stars as their sense of style and skincare is something renowned all around the globe. So, buy women workwear online in India cause it’s time to get inspired and create your own business outfits to shine on that meeting.