India’s Top Sustainable Fashion Brands

While sustainable fashion is taking over the world, for Indians it isn't a new concept after all. Our historical tales of fashion are fabricated of khadi and home spun fabrics. Mass production was never a part of our society, until the increase of capitalism. Now that we are here and commercial production has ruined the environment as well as the artisans’ income, it’s time to shift on to the sustainable brands. Keep reading for some of India’s best sustainable fashion.


Sustainable Fashion Brands India


A continuous quest of mastery is how the founders describe their one of a kind brand. The brand makes products that are 100% handmade and made in 100% organic khadi cotton dyed in natural colours. The brand is famously known for its denim products. Staying true to their motto of mastery, they truly have mastered the art of producing organic denims.


Sustainable Fashion 11:11


Founded by Ruchika Sachdeva, the brand abides by fair and responsible production processes. Spreading the word through her clothes, the brand offers some of the most modern and innovative designs that combine the benefits of India’s indigenous textiles with the modern, technical knowledge of construction. Their designs are unique, fabrics breathable and style effortless.


Sustainable Fashion Bodice



Inspired by an island itself and translated into love for nature, the aesthetics of this brand will leave you in awe. Respecting how nature has nurtured us, the brand nurtures creativity. Blending the culture of the country with the consciousness that it comes with, the brand was inspired by the design talent that is filled to the brim in our country.


Sustainable Fashion Nicobar


Founded by Kriti Tula, the brand explores the various possibilities within up-cycled fashion. Sourcing their textiles from fabric waste of various fast fashion factories, Kriti not only decided to open a conscious brand but also believes in living a mindful life; mindful of the environment and of the people around. With minimal aesthetics, the brand’s designs scream of individualism.


Sustainable Fashion Doodlage


This is not a brand, we actually mean your very local tailor. If you want to follow a conscious and sustainable life, go on get your designs perfectly customized for you. This is the most affordable option as well. You can use organic fabrics or up cycle your old clothes. Take inspiration from the internet, by internet we mean Pintrest and you are good to go!


Sustainable Fashion Tailor Studio

September 13, 2019 — Minakshi singh