Looks That Stopped The Show: New York Fashion Week

For a fashion lover, there is no season better than the fashion week season. Kick started by the New York Fashion Week, this season saw some amazing menswear launches and other amazing out of the box celebrations. Yes, we are talking about the Ralph Lauren show. The Jazz club opening combined with a fashion show led to a glamour overdose that we absolutely loved. Apart from the obviously iconic Ralph Lauren show, there were also some other fashion master pieces that we loved. Continue reading for our favourite show stopper looks from this season.


The show was nothing less than a breezing-refreshing version of the spring. Jazz seems to be the mood for the season. Most of his designs were an ode to famous icons of the fashion world like Karl Lagerfeld. Watch and spot the inspiration! The show stopper’s look was an all-white floral piece of grace.


Marc Jacobs NYFW 2020


Taking us back to the historical period of World War 2, Michael Kors showcased his patriotic self through the collection. This was a time in history when women were starting to go to work, some for the first time ever. The iconic voluminous shoulders were seen on Gigi Hadid when she closed the show. The bling could never be enough.


Michael Kors NYFW 2020


Inspired by the Latin heritage of Oscar himself, Laura Kim celebrated the freshness, uniqueness and originality that the label stands for. The Latin fluidity in the fashion is very well expressed through the collection. The show stopping outfit was nothing but the perfect end to a great night.


Oscar De La Renta NYFW 2020


This time, the designer decided to please the community that helped him get through a difficult time. This community was his fiancé, who was hoping that the brand would launch a menswear collection very soon. Another set of girls were wishing that they would find great clothes for everyday wear. Hence, came the collection they could all relate to.


Brandon Maxwell NYFW 2020


Prabal Gurung’s collection made a strong political statement that pretty much needs no explanation. The collection displayed powerful messages, except for the iconic show stopping dress. The dress was in fact a gown that we all wish we had in our wardrobes. The Nepali designer is only getting bolder with his designs and we cannot wait to see what he has next in store for us.


Prabal Gurung NYFW 2020

September 18, 2019 — Minakshi singh