Must Have Prints For All The Seasons

In a world full of thousands of options, it is understandable that you get confused about which prints you should be buying and what prints are going to be in trend for a longer time. If you are just as confused as I was about the prints and patterns of the fashion world, read on to know what prints are closer to being classic if not truly classic.


Pin Stripes:

Pin stripes are similar to normal stripes, with wider gaps between each stripe and each stripe being thinner. Choosing these over regular stripes makes your outfit a little more unique. These stripes are perfect for formal wear and hence make them a good investment for all you working women. They can be styled in so many different ways, even if it’s only for formal events or more sophisticated evenings.




This particular print has many sub-divisions. In my opinion however, choosing a floral pattern to which you are naturally drawn towards is always a saviour in so many situations. Whether it is the calico patterns or the botanical ones, you can always put aside a trend in order give your opinions a priority. Some other prints, like hounds-tooth, mostly come around as a trend but fail to appeal the masses. Floral patterns, on the other hand, have stayed constant since many seasons of the past. Its variations may change every season, but you can be sure, it won’t be an out dated print for a long time.



This lesser known print does not appeal to a large audience but is always present on the parallel track. If this print appeals to you, go for it and do not hold back, for the silly reason of it not being popularly worn. If styled with an open-mind, this print will give you an individualistic appeal. After all, the whole point of fashion is representation. With a more traditional touch, this print can be styled beautifully for an Indo-Western look.



Amongst the geometric prints, this print is the most neutral of all. A neutral print gives you an open opportunity to add your own touch to the outfit. You can use this print in a chic way, a preppy way or even for a cool casual way. The difference between the three is slight but significant. However, all three have been loved popularly for quite some time now. It’s safe to say that you will use the piece in your wardrobe for much longer than just a season.


Now that you know the prints that are tilting more towards the classic spectrum and less likely to become a fad, go ahead and shop on!