Must Have Shoes For Every Boss Lady

Matching your style statement with functionality is as difficult as a 100% neat tuck. It’s only understandable that you would want to stick to flats for the comfort they offer.  However, heels offer just as much comfort as flats. All that you need is to focus on getting the right size and the right height. From heels to flats, we have it all for you!


Trending Shoes For Office Wear


Mules have a very safe aura, which is exactly what makes them so versatile. You have the full freedom to dress it up as well as down. Add a little heel to it and look even more presentable along with an extra dose of height and posture.


Trending Shoes For Office Wear


Boots are enclosed footwear and can transform your look into a more polished one instantly. Wedges on the other hand are perfect for an everyday glam. Combine the goodness of both and you get the perfect footwear for work!


Trending Shoes For Office


Mary-Janes are elegant, formal, classic and versatile, along with being available in a lot of different forms. You can wear heels or flats, based on your preference. You can also go for block heels in case you want benefits of them both.


Trending Shoes For Office Wear


Kitten heels are the perfect height for everyday use and fulfill their purpose brilliantly. You get a good posture, extended height and style confidence. A pair of classic black/nude pumps will do wonders for your everyday formal outfits.


Trending Shoes For Office Wear


This unconventional option is only becoming more mainstream. Some classic white sneakers might even be the most stylish and the most comfortable option from this list. However, these will be more suitable for the not-so-strict offices with a flexible dress code. You can pair up sneakers with literally anything formal and transform it into something semi-formal or casual.


Trending Shoes For Office Wear

August 23, 2019 — Sheetal Rawat