If you take almost an hour to finalize your outfit every time you go out or if your wardrobe is always a mess, even if you’ve organized it the previous day, then this blog is just for you. This blog would help you buy items that you wouldn’t have to worry about styling. 

Before buying anything, you should have at least two outfits in your head. Given below are a few outfits that are completely fail-proof and will save you a lot of time. Also, these outfits can be curated at a really low budget as well.

Outfits Curated Just For You

Sneakers & Stripes

Sneakers and stripes go from offices to brunch dates, pretty effortlessly. Get a striped shirt in light and soothing colors, preferably white & blue, and style it with a pair of jeans or a midi skirt.

By adding sneakers to this whole formal look, you make it day-out appropriate. 

To buy: Striped Shirt, Midi Skirt, Sneakers, Handbag

Beach or Bar

A slip dress can go a long way; from a brunch date to the beach to the candlelight dinner, with just a quick fix in accessories, you can rock all the events. Add a hot bikini underneath while going to the beach, or wear a t-shirt inside, if you don’t want to show much skin on your brunch date.

To buy: Slip Dress, Slides, Handbag

Montmarte Dress Up

A white collared shirt is an absolute must-have for every girl/woman out there. When paired with dark denim, it gives a very effortlessly casual look. Top this look with black boots to get that Parisian Uniform Look

To Buy: White Shirt, Dark Denim, Black Boots

Damsel Beauty

Blouses with ruffled or puffed sleeves are very much in trend. If you are new to the whole blouse fashion then start with the colors black and white. The perfect jeans to go with them are Fiorucci Jeans. Complete this look by wearing platform Espadrilles. 

To Buy: Blouse, Jeans, Espadrilles, Basket Bag

Warm Fashion

Puffer jackets can be seen everywhere and this style is super chic and something that can never go out of style, if only you know how to pair it with correct items. Wear a pair of black trousers and hot red heels to go with. 

To Buy: Puffer Jacket, Black Trousers, Red Shoes. 

September 16, 2021 — Nitisha Maan