Style Cheats:  Celeb Looks We Should All Copy This Winter

Winter styling may come very naturally to some of us, but others find it as much of a difficulty. How to layer perfectly, what colour palette to go for, how to reuse the same staples, are some of the questions that you may find asking yourself every winter. Not to worry, because we are about to make the entire process a whole lot easier. Here are some of our favourite celebrity winter looks that you can easily recreate this winter.


 Bella Hadid Winter Style


Bella Hadid is someone who can make anything simple a complete statement. This simple outfit is an example of the same. All the elements used in this look are things that most of us already have in our wardrobes. Add a pop of colour through a bulky overcoat and you have yourself a cozy winter outfit.



Another one of the millennial style queens, Hailey Bieber knows what works best for her. Creating a monotone outfit is not as easy as it looks, but if you follow this young star, it surely will be. Lucky for you, blue is the colour of 2020 (as declared by PANTONE) and you can copy this look exactly without looking out dated. All you have to do is use a neutral colour, in this case white, to break up the outfit and play around with different shades of blue.


Hailey Bieber, Ariana Grande Winter Style


Ariana Grande is an inspiration when it comes to styling a petite body type. She somehow manages to break all the fashion rules and still look gorgeous. For this look, Ariana chose to wear an oversized, puffer jacket. It’s a risky choice for anyone who is petite, but like her, you should remember to go for a cropped jacket. Pair it up with some skinny bottoms or bodycon tights and you are good to go.



Another all-blue outfit, this look worn by J.Lo is for all the OTT ladies out there. With very little effort, you can easily recreate this look with any other colour. The sequins and the feathers were the highlight of the look. Make sure to add these elements to your look and you will look just as glamorous as J.Lo herself.


JLo Emili Rajatkowski Winter Style


Another simple street style look by yet another fashion supermodel that we absolutely loved. If you love athleisure and find it difficult to style during the winters, this look is all that you need. A statement warm, yet comfy jacket is all that you need. Pair the look with some bulky sneakers and you are all set!