So, did y’all know that spaghetti was first invented in China and was brought to Venice by Marco Polo or you were also under the impression of Italy being the origin? That’s right from the ancient streets of china following to the canals of Venice and then gradually spreading throughout the world, spaghetti became a renowned dish around the globe.

The question now arises that why are we talking about food in a fashion space? Well, around 1920s, spaghetti or noodle straps were introduced to provide a more relaxed and yet sexy look. Starting with the 20s jazz artists, it became a world trend and a multiple clothing articles were invented with spaghetti straps and this is how the world of spaghetti fashion was erected.


Wrapped around the upper torso, tube tops are usually without any shoulder support but as time passed spaghetti straps were introduced and a marvelous creation came into play. These tops are not only cute but now come with a reliable support which was often a complaint woman had with tube tops.


A ‘showstopper’ would be a word we’d use to describe a camisole in the world of street fashion. It is actually referred to a sleeveless innerwear which normally extended to the waist but catching upon the urban street fashion, new twists were introduced. These could be body-con or loose fitting with a variable length. One can also wear it as a top for their outfit or beneath their usual clothing that they prefer to put on a particular day.


Dresses are provided in the market with colors, designs and variants one cannot fathom to count! As spaghetti strap dresses were introduced in the market, a wave of fashion frenzy ran through amongst the females. These dresses were adored by females of various age groups and still happen to be one of the most treasured type of dress. These dresses are often spotted as Christian wedding dresses, cocktail dresses, prom dresses and other.


Worn as undershirts, innerwear or simply as a top, tank tops are particularly famous for their sleeveless pattern and these were popularized on a broader scale when spaghetti straps were introduced. Ladies found this tank top particularly chic and street fashion worthy. Accessible in a number of variants, one can spot tank tops in cropped patterns, with frills, floral prints, animal prints and many other options are available for one to discover.