Three Alternatives Of The Little Black dress

The fashion world offers certain styles that you can rely on in any given situation. One such style is a “Little Black Dress”. It has become such an important part of the fashion world that it can now be seen in every fashionista’s wardrobe. We believe that you have lived the “Audrey Hepburn” moment, at least once in your life. 

It is so great to have something that you can wear without giving it any second thoughts, but the idea of being in the spotlight, every once in a while, wouldn’t hurt anyone! A cute little black dress is irreplaceable but, but there are a few other options that you can consider if you’re not in the mood for the black dress.  

Three Alternatives Of The Little Black Dress

A Red Dress Can Take You Places

The red color is associated with many strong emotions such as love, power, energy, etc. It can make you feel sexy and confident in yourself. You can style yourself in a red dress for multiple occasions and steal the spotlight everywhere you go with just a change in jewelry; you can go from office meeting to Valentine’s dinner date. That’s how versatile a red dress can be. 

Learn The Magic Of A Power Suit

Whenever you think about a power suit, you automatically think about the 80s. That’s the time when everyone was obsessing over them. It is now time for you to get that one piece of what is considered to be a masculine fashion staple. Look for suits that are slim fit and slip on your curves perfectly and end with a flowing out look. If you don’t find one in the women’s section, be bold and check out the men’s section. Pair it with a corset or experiment with it in your own way. 

The Leather Pants

Leather pants are no more just for the ‘Rock n Roll’ lovers. You can create your own staple looks with a pair of leather pants. A sheer top will give it a more romantic feel while adding a corset will make your outfit look more confident and sexy. 

So, the next time your “Little Black Dress” is in the wash, don’t cancel your plans. Go for any of these mentioned above. Stay tuned for more such content.