5 Different Ways To Style A Sweater Dress

Winter styling can be a lot of fun for some, but quite stressful at the same time, for others. Investing in winter clothes is another commitment that most of us fear to make. The reasons are very understandable considering all the expensive styles out there. Why worry when we are here to tell you exactly how you should style the already existing pieces from your wardrobe, in multiple new ways.  A sweater dress is something that every girl already has in her wardrobe. Even if you don’t, we are pretty sure you might want to go ahead and buy one after reading this post!


Sweater Dresses Styling


There are so many different ways through which you can you can amp up your basic sweater dress. This would involve either statement jewellery or elements like scarves and belts. You can wear a scarf and belt together to change up a look. Another great way to elevate your look would be using an oversized scarf. It will keep you warm while you stay stylish.



Lucky for us, we have a huge variety of boots to choose from the market. From short ankle booties to thigh-high boots and everything in between, boots are capable of breaking or making your entire look. Switch up between statement boots and change the way your dress looks.


Sweater Dresses Styling


Layering is perfect for the weather as well as the most stylish trend that is out there. You can wear a sleeveless woollen dress over a full sleeves sweater. You can also put on a jacket, over-coat, a shrug or a cardigan. Something as simple as this can change up an entire look.



This would involve you to layer statement pieces together. Layer a cropped sweater over your dress. This look can become all the more interesting if you play around with sweaters that have statement necklines and sleeves. You can also play around with colours and prints to make an even more unique statement!


Sweater Dresses Styling

November 06, 2019 — Kiran Rawat