5 Iconic Outfits From Sex And The City To Wear Today!

Sex and the City was undoubtedly the most iconic fashion driven show in the history. It inspired people towards fashion and even till date continues to do the same. The influence of Carrie Bradshaw was definitely stronger than any other character. Always out of the box, her style was iconic and a trademark for her character in the show. Most of her styling was so unique that only she could pull it off. However, we were able to get our hands on the few which we can pull off too and not look out dated!



Snake print is officially the print of the season and there could be no better time to take inspiration from this look. Simple and yet statement, choose prints to be the star of your look. You can either wear this look for a stylish brunch, or a wild ladies night. Layer up for an even different look and you are good to go.


Carrie Bradshaw Fashion


This multicolour business suit is the only thing a professional diva needs in her wardrobe. The minimal pin stripes paired with bolder colourful stripes make this look anything but simple. The bow-tie detailing under the neck adds just the right amount of feminine touch to this bold outfit.


Carrie Bradshaw Fashion


This look is the perfect chic on the street look. The t-shirt blazer combo will work just as brilliantly in present times. Wear it for a casual meeting or for dinner and drinks like Carrie. Could anything better be more timeless?


Carrie Bradshaw Fashion



This extremely minimal look is perfect for all those who favour effortless dressing. As versatile, as it is stylish, you can wear this dress in the daytime, as well as the night time. It’s the perfect basic piece to add to your wardrobe.


Carrie Bradshaw Fashion


Floral prints and ruffles cannot go out style. Carrie Bradshaw made sure it wouldn’t when she wore this flirty, breezy dress in the show. It can be worn even today for literally any occasion. Be it for a wedding, or a lunch date, this dress will definitely turn many heads.


Carrie Bradshaw Fashion

September 09, 2019 — Minakshi singh