How To Style Athleisure Like A Pro

Athleisure is the call of the streets and is probably the most functional way to stay fashionable. Mostly edgy, this new genre of fashion is definitely here to stay.  However, we can understand how overwhelming styling an athleisure look might seem. The freedom to use literally anything can be a little chaotic and you might not even get the desired effect. Follow our tips and tricks to style your looks effortlessly!


Style Athleisure


Athleisure is all about mixing and matching and you cannot really mix and match without layering. The more you layer, the more casual you look. Pairing up tights with literally anything in your wardrobe is the most effective way to add an athletic vibe to your look. Elements like graphic tees and bomber jackets can be used on days when you don’t want to wear tights. Stay away from anything feminine like lace, skirts, flare-dresses, etc. Wearing sports bras as crop tops is a sure shot trick that will always, make your outfit look edgier. The last tip that you could follow is sticking to oversized clothing. It will literally make anything look leisure-like!


Style Athleisure


For shoes, you literally wear any type and pull off that look. The only thing to remember is to stay away from bohemian elements like tassels, tribal prints, etc. For flats, sliders and sneakers are your best option. For heels, strictly wear block heels or boots. The chunkier your footwear will be the more athleisure you will have in your outfit.


Style Athleisure


This is where you will have to put the least effort into. Keep the jewellery to minimal. We don’t mean the quantity, but the quality. In other words, stay away from statement jewellery. You can always layer your jewellery as long as it’s minimal. Experiment with different beanies, caps and scarfs for an extra touch. Try not to indulge in feminine elements like pearls.


Style Athleisure

Now that you know all the little secrets, go on and rock that look!

September 06, 2019 — Minakshi singh