5 Things You Can Do To Celebrate Valentine’s Day Single

The festivities of Valentine’s Day are only a week away! We know that for all the single people out there, this day can be really stressful. Well, there is no need to be bitter about this day. More than celebration of romance, Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love. This doesn’t have to be a romantic relationship but indeed any kind of relationship. It could be a celebration of love towards your sister, brother, best friends and even your parents! Here are 5 different things that you can do to enjoy Valentine’s Day single!



There are so many things that have been on our bucket lists since forever, but we never land up taking time out for the same. Take this day as an opportunity to do all the things you love and haven’t been getting time to do. It could be a day at the salon getting mani-pedis with your Bff. You could go out and get yourself that tattoo you always wanted. The possibilities are many and so are the reasons to celebrate.


Pamper Session With Best Friend


Another great way of celebrating love is to go out with your best girlfriends! You can go for the most awaited romantic-comedy with them. The kinds your boyfriend would never want to see. You could also go the club looking your sexy, single self and party the night away with your besties. Use this day to catch up with your friends. Celebrate the love that already exists around you, instead of being sad about the romance that doesn’t.




There is no other activity that you can enjoy single as much as a spa day. Moreover, a spa is always enjoyable and can never be a disappointing experience. Indulge in some relaxing scent of candles and get yourself a massage. You deserve it after all!


Spa Day


Thanks to Netflix, there is no emotion that we can’t get over! Get in your favourite blanket with a glass of wine and watch the best of classic romances. From modern romances like To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before to the vintage classics like The Notebook and My Best Friend’s Wedding. The romance in the movies will sweep you off your feet, without you even going on a date.




What’s better than a single’s only party on a Valentine’s Day! Celebration of love, while getting drunk! Put on your host pants and plan a heart-breaker party that all your single friends will thank you for. P.S. don’t forget to have a Bloody Mary special in the cocktails’ menu.


Singles' Only Party

February 05, 2020 — Minakshi Singh