5 Ways To Wear Coats The Kate Middleton Style

Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is a global style icon and is known for her elegant and extremely graceful sense of style. Her polished take on clothes and fashion has led her to be under the fashion spotlight ever since she took upon her title. Kate Middleton celebrated her 38th birthday very recently and we couldn’t help but pay a tribute to her evergreen, timeless looks. Her style secret, if you ask us, is surely the utmost versatility with which she wears her coats. You will see her in so many different looks and the only common factor would be her love for elegant outerwear. Halfway into the season, there nothing more refreshing as new fashion. Here are our top 5 ways to wear coats like Kate Middleton.



We wouldn’t expect anything less of a princess than a Princess Coat. One of her most popular choices during the winters is to go for a princess coat. The coat is mostly paired with a statement yet simple hat. The style is a timeless one. If being chic is your thing, you should surely get a princess coat and easily recreate these looks.


Kate Middleton's Winter Style


The reefer coat is similar in style with a princess coat and is only a bit longer. Sporting a long reefer coat as elegantly as Kate is not easy. A simple way of making this structured piece an elegant one is by pairing it up with some classic pumps and panty-hose. The look will surely stand out!



Finding the right coat for your body-type is of utmost importance. For all the petite girls out there, a structured trench is the perfect fit for you. The structure will make sure that your silhouette is not overwhelmed by your coat and the length of a simple trench will show off your legs in the most flattering way.


Kate Middleton's Winter Style


Another elegant option for anyone who has a feminine style is the frock coat. The silhouette of this coat looks like a dress and who doesn’t want to be wearing a dress in the winters and still look weather appropriate. The look is obviously flattering for all the body shapes. Keep the entire look mono-toned like Kate Middleton to add a touch of that royal style into your look.



The pea coat is a perfect option for anyone who is looking to add grace to their look but still do not want to give up on the little edgy details. The front paneling of a pea coat is statement enough and will surely keep you warm throughout the day. You can pair it up with denims, tights or literally anything you want. It is surely a must have piece to add to your winter wardrobe.


Kate Middleton's Winter Style