Valentines’ Wish List: 5 Gift Ideas For Your Valentine

Whether you like it or not, the official month of romance has finally begun. It is that time of the year when you make your valentine feel special and celebrate love. Our gift guide is meant especially for your loved ones. Your Valentine does not have to be your partner. It could be your best friends or your sister for that matter. No matter who and on what occasion you gift your loved ones, we assure you our gift ideas will make them feel special!


You can actually buy one or try and be creative with your instincts. Pick a fragrance of your special one’s choice and start choosing products that match with it. Choosing the products not from the same brand gives you the freedom to stick to your budget. You can get a body wash, body lotion, body mist and perfume set. In order to make it look cohesive, pack each product separately and as per a theme of your choice. Put the individuals in a box with a card and some chocolates and you are good to go!


Valentines' Day Gift Ideas


Chocolates are one thing that most people like and something you can never go wrong with. Create a DIY basket of your valentine’s favourite chocolates from all over the world. This is what will make them feel special. In case you are ready to put in more effort make the chocolates by yourself at home. This is a great way to save up on your budget. Wrap the chocolates yourself and decorate them cohesively. Something like this is bound to make your valentine feel loved and special.


Valentines' Day Gift Ideas


This one is for all the girls and boys out there who aren’t that good at DIY and don’t mind splurging. You can either gift your valentine a nice grooming set comprising of his favourite or the most needed products. For a girl, you can get her favourite make-up products. In case you don’t know her favourite products, take a peak in her phone and go to her online wish lists. You will know exactly what she will love!


Valentines' Day Gift Ideas


Customised watch sets is another great idea for a couple’s gift. A watch is something that most people need and use. You can get the back of the dial engraved with something symbolic of your love. It could be a special date, it could be your special one’s name or it could simply say love. This idea is not too cheesy and yet romantic and will always remind you of each other’s love!


January 30, 2020 — Minakshi Singh