90’s Iconic Fashion That We Will Always Love

So many different decades came and gave us fashion that was innovative, inspirational and pioneering in so many different ways. Whether it’s the flapper fringe styles of the 20’s or the psychedelic phase of the 70’s and 80’s, some of the trends have becomes that we love way too much to leave. However, the decade that keeps coming back into our wardrobes the most is the 90’s. Iconic outfits, which were minimal, practical and oh-so-experimental. Here some of the 90’s fashion looks that we will always love!

Cher In Clueless:

The most iconic movie of the time had some of the most iconic looks of the time. Cher Horowitz, played by Alicia Silverstone, wore outfits that still make us drool. The yellow plaid blazer set and the crop top layered with a tee, still inspires our fashion choices. The skirt in the set has been replaced by shorts and the under layering has been trending for quite some time now. These comfortable, practical, and very now styles are sure to inspire the fashion in the future as well. History speaks the truth – practical fashion is bound to be more appealing and hence, bound to be around for a long time!


Cher In Clueless, 90's fashion, Alicia Silverstone

Monica In Friends:

One cannot talk about the 90’s fashion and not mention friends. Monica’s style motto, very different from her fellow female characters, was “baggier, the better”.  Boyfriend/mom jeans, short hair, solids and plaid, summed up her style. All of these trends are still very popular and for all the right reasons. Casual and cool, can never get old.


Monica Geller, Friends, 90's Fashion, Iconic Outfits, Courtney Cox

Rachel In Friends:

Rachel’s style, very different, yet channelling the same vibes from the era. Casual and chic, and a little more feminine than Monica’s style, Rachel stays inspirational even now.  Popularising the combination of A-Line skirts with plain t-shirts, her character was all things relatable. Skirts and dresses, shorts and overalls, present day fashion is hardly any different.


Rachel Green, Friends, 90's Fashion, Iconic Outfits, Jennifer Anniston

Vivian Ward In Pretty Woman:

Right in the beginning of the 90’s, Julia Robert’s style was influenced by certain trends of the 80’s as well. These included the volume on shoulders and sleeves, coupled with sleek silhouettes. The baggy blazer, semi-formal look influenced the rest of the 90’s years and even the present years. Continuing to reappear, the blazer has been coming back with so many different variations and will continue to.


Julia Roberts, Vivienne Wards, Pretty Woman, 90's Fashion, Iconic Fashion


Out of all the decades, the 90’s seem to be the most reoccurring and the most relatable for the people of today to wear.