Workout In Style

Working out and keeping your body healthy has become of utmost importance in modern times. Not only physical health, any form of work out has a positive effect of one’s mental health as well. Along with the health and fitness aspect, the athletic style has taken its own platform in our day to day. It gets and rightly deserves just as much attention from us as any other outfits would. Hence, you also need to know some important tips and tricks to improve your workout wardrobe.


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It is well know that being comfortable while working out is probably the most important factor that one should keep in mind while deciding their outfit for the same. However, the on-going athleisure trends are just too irresistible. Which is why we have found a mid-way for you. Wearing cropped shirts might look good on camera but is not always practical and comfortable in the real life. Carry some cover ups like a cropped hoodie that you can put on when you finish your workout. Summer jackets and long t-shirts that you can tie up are good options too. Choosing high-waist tights over track pants will definitely make you feel more carefree and stylish. Use hair accessories, your bag and cool shoes to spice up your look.


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Wearing the right lingerie is the most important and yet paid the least attention to. Not only during the work out but also generally, the right lingerie will make every garment look even more gorgeous on you. The same goes for athletic wear. Wearing sports lingerie is not only important for physical health, but also for the way your clothes look.


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Last but not the least, it’s important to have a separate kit of skincare for your gym time. This does not mean actual make-up but only skincare. You won’t really need any touch ups after your work out as your skin would already be glowing. Carry a face wash, a refreshing rose water mist and a chap stick. Make sure you wash your face after the workout so that your pores don’t clog up from the excess oil. This will keep all the unwanted acne at bay. Carry some pure rose water in a small spray bottle; this will act as a toner and leave you feeling refreshed. You can also carry any other toner that you use on a regular basis. Carry a de-tangler brush with you for your hair and you are to go.

Follow these steps and be ready for a hassle free workout in style!

August 02, 2019 — Sirat Panesar