An Extra Dose Of Quirk

We Indians are mostly maximalists when it comes to expression. Take our celebrations for example. Fashion is nothing but expression. Hence, to cater to all those who love being in the limelight, expression, fun and uniqueness, we are sharing with you this myriad of quirky fashion brands of India. Combining the western ethics with the Indian aesthetic of colours, these brands will surely wow you!


Quirky India Circus


Taking inspiration from the traditional Indian prints and our love for colours, Krisnaa Mehta designed his brand to cater to the culture of India. From bags, wallets, to spectacle cases and home décor, this brand has the quirkiest collection in town. Check out their online store to explore all of the beautiful products!


Quirky India Circus


The core fundamentals of the brand come from a series travelling experiences that led its founders to start their own brand. The brand started out as a t-shirt only brand. Through expansion and customisation, it was able to add a unique quirkiness to their functional products. If you are into travelling and quirky fashion, this brand is a one stop for all!


Quirky Bombay Troopers               


Having presented at Lakme Fashion Week several times, this brand is sure to quench your quirk-thirst. You will find clothing in all colours and prints there could be. Being an art based design studio, it will be a haven for all the creative souls. Visit their online store and see for yourself!


Quirky Quirk Box


Kulture Shop is a Bombay based brand. As the name itself suggests, the brand communicates deconstructed culture by collaborating with independent artists. You will see t-shirts, bags, pouches, etc. in the fashion category. In addition to which, you will also find a lot of options for home décor and stationery.


Quirky Kulture Shop


You may have already guessed by the name, this brand is a jewellery exclusive online store. But unlike any other jewellery store, it offers only quirky designs. Their store has thousands of collections to choose from.


Quirky Quirk Smith


September 05, 2019 — Minakshi singh