Bold Color Combinations You Need To Try

There is no doubt that the classic white with denim or the blacks and blues work together. You might have been wearing these combinations your whole life. Aren’t you bored? Because we know we are. To change your style and vibe, you need to test out these few unexpected combinations of color and give your wardrobe that splash of glee it needs.


The color pink is usually associated with softness and fragility, whereas red is usually more fiery and bold. Both the colors are extremely feminine and that is the reason they work together when styled correctly. Club a little red dress with a pair of pink pumps or wear a soft baby pink shirt with a red skirt and you don’t need to worry about going overboard with it.

Pink And Red Combination



This particular combination can usually be very flashy if not styled correctly. But when did, it can be very successful in making a strong and bold statement. Be cautious! it may look tacky when styled furiously. Rock an orange and black checkered print, throw in some white shoes into the combo, dress for an edgy look, and you will be ready to turn heads as you walk down the street!

 Black And Orange Combination


I bet you never thought these two colors can look chic together! It’s time to stop perceiving the combination of purple and yellow as a clown fest and start incorporating it more into your daily looks. It is a very chic look and is guaranteed to give you a fun and playful vibe. Dress up in an all purple dress and wear a funky pair of yellow heels. It's a look that never fails to impress.

Yellow And Purple Combination


This combination is a very trendy look which is definitely in this season. It is a very sporty combination which might come off as loud but needs boldness to pull off. It is a very flattering and attractive look when worn for athletic and leisure wear. It can put of a very 80s retro-chic vibe and is definitely fashionable.

Yellow And Red Combination

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