Top 4 Trends To Follow This Summer

The summer is here and along with it comes the new season of fashion. Refreshing looks from the runway left us all astonished. The most bizarre of all the observations was the use of leather. Nevertheless, the runway did leave us with more choices for the summer than disappointments. Here is a list of our top trends for the summer of 2019:


You can either love them or hate them, but you can’t ignore them; such is the influence of polka dots. Years after years, they make reappearances on the runways as well as on the streets. Styling polka dots to fit a contemporary style can be a little tricky, but we have got you covered. Choose polka dots on silhouettes that are contemporary and style it using modern accessories. For reference have a look at our Black Polka Dot Long Dress.

Polka Dot Dresses


Floral patterns have found a companion for the summers or so it seems. Stripes are not as much of a trend as an all-time neutral. However, this season, they seem to be making statements. Stripe on stripe, stripes mixed with other geometric patterns and stripes mixed with floral, are some of the daring, experimental trends that you can try this summer.

Stripes Women Dresses


This particular trend is definitely here to stay and has adorned the love of a universal audience. The variations, however, come and go season by season. This year, the calico patterns seem to be dominating the front. Calico prints are small floral patterns, fit very tightly and really close together. This trend will instantly give your outfit a vintage look. Go ahead and try for yourself!

Floral Dresses


Since the last two or more fashion seasons, denim has started to disappear on us. Apart from the famous- “denim on denim” trend, our love for them has been replaced by trousers and palazzos. Trousers that are formal or palazzos that are cropped, they are definitely a lot more comfortable, light-weighed and easy-going than denims. Check out our collection and step along comfortably through the summer.

Cool Girl Image

Now that you know the top trends for this summer, go ahead and shop!