BTS Butter Inspired Looks

By now if you are not living under a rock you will already know who BTS are and if you are not an ARMY yourself, you definitely know someone who is. Apart from having a wide range of music genres and setting new records, the iconic group keeps on setting new trends in the world of fashion as well. The boys released their latest global hit ‘Butter’ on May 21st and if you have watched the video you’ll know they were looking hot as summer. The looks involved different dimensions of fashion from sport to retro and included a rock side as well. Here are some outfits inspired by BTS in ‘Butter’.

BTS Butter Inspired Looks

  • Kim Seokjin
  • Go for an all-white look with a white collared shirt, white pants, and white heels. Twin the worldwide handsome’s by accessorizing with a golden necklace and watch. 

  • Min Yoongi AKA SUGA
  • The main rapper’s green sporty look can be replicated with a green hipster tee and white tennis skirt. Go for white sneakers to maintain the vibe and a bucket hat to style it up.

  • Jung Hoseok AKA J-HOPE
  • Going with the butter theme starts with a yellow turtleneck and puts on a black strappy dress. Supplement the look with a yellow belt on the waist and a black headband. You can also go for a check design for a dress in colors yellow and black managing the contrast with a blazer in one of the two mentioned colors.  

  • Kim Namjoon AKA RM
  • To match the leader’s rock look wear a white shirt in contrast with black short suspenders. Complete rock white with yellow shaded sunglasses and black boots. 

  • Jimin
  •          Go for a sheer white top under a grey spaghetti dress. We were all surprised by his rainbow hair so this outfit is incomplete without a colorful touch. Wear rainbow-colored bobby pins to beautify the whole look and add Jimin’s signature long earrings or piercings.

  • Kim Taehyung AKA V
  • Try to recreate the stunner’s orange suit look with a white crop top and orange bell-bottoms to give it the retro touch. Add on a pair of golden earrings and shaded sunglasses to give it the V touch. You can go for pigtails or blend in a bucket hat.

  • Jungkook 
  • Match the youngest’s style with a purple satin silk dress and a black blazer. Top it up with some temporary silver piercing pieces of jewelry to compliment the look. 

    Let's hope that the group keeps on making music and inspiring the world with their stories and narratives. As for fashion, it is an ever-changing atmosphere filled with artistry and expression which is different for every individual. So paint your blank canvas with the colors that speak to you and let your creativity flow.