Sexuality and gender is a complex topic that often gets stereotyped and is more prone to be reduced to myths. This is high time for us to debunk some of such misconceptions about the queer community. Here in this blog, we will be targeting a few of those misconceptions and myths. And we hope that it will help the world become a better and safer place to live in.


  • MYTH: Asexuality is a mental/medical issue

FACT: Asexuality is a sexual orientation and has nothing to do with being a medical condition, whatsoever. This term means that the person lacks sexual attraction towards anyone. Asexual people have desires but not in a sexual manner. Often, it is trucked with impotency but that is a completely different concept and is a medical condition.


  • MYTH: Intersex and transgender are the same

FACT: They are different terms and mean different as well. Transgenders are people who have a different gender identity than what was assigned at birth. They, however, can change it socially if they feel a mismatch between the two. Being intersex means that they are born with genitalia that doesn’t fit with the identity of a man or a woman, for that matter. Due to lack of knowledge and these topics considered being taboo, these misconceptions exist.


  • MYTH: Children with gay parents are likely to have gender and/or psychological disorders

FACT: It is the most-believed myth. But the truth is nowhere close to this. In fact, studies have shown that kids with gay parents are happier than kids who didn’t have same-sex parents. Moreover, it depends on the environment of the home and the upbringing of the child and not the sex of the parents.


  • MYTH: Criminalizing homosexuality is a good idea.

FACT: Be it a homosexual relationship or heterosexual, criminalizing anyone’s private sexual relationship is a breach of privacy and a violation of basic human rights. Bringing these laws in force costs a lot of money and brings no social values either.


  • MYTH: We can change a person’s sexual orientation and gender identity.

FACT: Trying to change someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity is harmful and a complete torture. The World Health Organization has made it clear several times that one can not forcibly change anyone’s sexual orientation; it is not possible, under any circumstances and can cause a lifetime trauma to the targeted person’s life.


  • MYTH: All queer people have HIV/AIDS

FACT: HIV/AIDS affects people of all sexual orientation and gender. Regardless of the fact that the person belongs to the queer community or not, it happens because of lack of safe sex practices, testing and, support and care.


We are living in the 21st century and it is disheartening to see people still believing in these myths. It is our duty to stand for basic human rights and being responsible citizens. It is high time for letting such myths crash to the ground.