Denim Update: New Trends Of 2019

Denims are probably the most wearable, durable and versatile item in most of our wardrobes. Ripped, cropped or skinny, a new trend comes in more frequently than it goes. In other words, every single denim trend that starts trending stays with us for longer than just a season. Because of its classic and durable quality, it’s always the obvious choice. This season too brought about some really interesting trends that are sure to stick around.


Denim Trends 2019


Straight Cut Denims:

Straight cut denims have replaced the boyfriend, girlfriend as well as mom jeans overnight. The slightly relaxed fit is perfect for a comfortable yet stylish day out. Style them with a solid top or printed or probably anything and they will still for sure go with everything in your wardrobe.


Denim Trends 2019 Straight Cut

Low Rise Denims:

Yes, you heard right! The low rise jeans are definitely making a comeback. The high-rise jeans has its own loyal set of followers, and will not completely disappear. However, you will surely have to make space in your wardrobe for a fresh pair of low rise, relaxed jeans.


Denim Trends 2019 Low Rise


Not the same as the applique patch work trend, the embroideries are nothing bold and all things subtle. Small and sweet floral motifs are what you will see this season on the denims of your favourite store.


Denim Trends 2019 Embroidered



This does not mean the regular striped but a single or a couple of stripes running along the sides of your denims. This trend will help you elongate your body in the most flattering way. The contrast between the texture of the denims and that of the stripe is something that you will see repeatedly this season!


Denim Trends 2019 Striped


Embellished Hems:

Moving from one contrast to another, interesting hems is another up and coming trend. The bottom hem of your jeans is most probably to have experimental embellishments like pearls or a texture contrast by use of another fabric in a different print. This one is for all the experimental divas to flaunt!


Denim Trends 2019 Embroidered

August 12, 2019 — Minakshi singh