Fall Of The Fiction: The Most Stylish Shows Of All Time

The fashion of the entertainment industry plays a huge role in influencing the street style and global fashion in general. When it comes to Hollywood, the industry has created some of the most iconic looks and trends that till date influence the fashion industry. Whether it is Gossip Girl or Sex and The City, here are the most iconic TV shows of all time that still crown the title of being the most stylish ever.


This show was all about the extravagant lifestyles of the rich kids of the Upper East Side, New York. The characters of this show had distinct styles and wore pieces straight off the runway. Whether it was Blair’s Ellie Saab wedding dress or Serena’s vacation looks, fashion was an unavoidable part of the show. Each and every girl out there can find at least one look that she will love immensely and instantly. 


Gossip Girl


Fashion was not the most important part of the show, but it was a significant one. Each character had a distinctive style which was an excellent extension of their personality. Rachel and Monica’s style till date are inspirations to many fans as well as the designers. The very recent exclusive collection of Ralph Lauren’s was dedicated to friends.


Gossip Girl


If anything, this show was pioneering in terms of fashion in the entertainment industry. Carrie Bradshaw’s excellent looks haunt us till date. Not only her, all the other characters were too brilliant with their style. Sarah Jessica Parker emerged as a major style icon during and after the show. Trust us her outfits are still just as relatable.


Sex And The City


The most recent show on the list, this show is stylish for its own reasons. The plot of the show has received mixed responses and still stays questionable. However, the style of the show is very distinctive yet classic. Each character is given a certain colour that they have to include it their wardrobe. This is what helps the theme of the show and the characters come alive. If you are a girl who has a favourite colour that you cannot part with, watch the show to get some inspiration.  


November 11, 2019 — Minakshi singh