Fragrances Of The Fall

Perfumes are the center stage of vanity and are just as important as any other form of it. Smelling good is not only an important part of vanity but also of our everyday lifestyle and routine. This fall, we have a treat waiting for all those obsessed with collecting perfumes. These fragrances smell so good, we wonder how you will ever fight the urge to go ahead and buy them. Well, in case you give in, we guarantee you won’t regret!


Fall Fragrances 2019


As Alessandro Michelle says, “a perfume is something that even with your eyes closed, brings you to a precise moment in space and time”, this perfume too is just as powerful. This fragrance is also the first ever unisex scent from Gucci. Aiming to break the gender norms that are very vividly seen in the perfumery, the scent includes top notes of Roman Chamomile. It adds freshness to the scent. It also includes an exclusive ingredient (Indian Coral Jasmine Nature Print) which is collected for Gucci from India. With a base note of vanilla and noble woods, the perfumes will give you a fresh, musky smell that is unisex.


Fall Fragrances 2019


Tome Ford, if you are already a fan of perfumes, you will know is a man to fear when it comes to creating fragrances. He has in the past, and continues to create some of the most elegant and alluring scents. He was honored by being inducted into the Fragrance Hall of Fame at the 2019 Fragrance Foundation Awards. The packaging alone is enticing and sophisticated. The perfume’s top notes are woody, warm scents of Balsam from Peru. Its base notes are that of vanilla and sandalwood. This amazing combination is what makes this typically floral scent a warm, comforting one.


Fall Fragrances 2019


Maison Margiela’s Replica is a collection which revisits various locations from one’s life and recreates fragrances reflecting the location. The newest launch from the collection is their “Whispers in a Library” scent. From the name of it, we might suggest that the fragrance smells like ancient, waxed wood and old books. The top notes of the scent consist of peppery smells, complemented by fresh, light notes of orange, flower petals and vanilla. Like Gucci’s Memoir, this scent too is a unisex one.

October 25, 2019 — Minakshi singh