Game Up Your Home Decor With Latest Trends Of The Season

One’s home has got a lot to do with their personal style. Like fashion this too is a form of creative expression. Just like fashion, home interiors have trends of their own too. Therefore, we took the liberty of updating you on the very trending forms and designs of home décor. Continue reading and pick up your favourite styles!


Mixing brass with a gold-toned or a rose gold or even silver metal is all the rage now. There is no hard and fast rule about the metals having the same undertones anymore. It will give you a lot more options for keeping the look as modern or as antique as desired!


Home Decor Trends 2019


This new trend is all about bringing in the outdoors. The plants are not meant for just your gardens. Keeping them indoors will give a more open as well as a cozy vibe to your personal space. It also gives the right pop of colour. In case you think taking care of a plant is too much work, you can always get fake ones.


Home Decor Trends 2019


This one is cut out from the same concept of making the indoors feel like outdoors. The woody textures, not necessarily in the wood colours, can make a place look more defined. It gives a house a more modern, yet raw and rustic feel.


Home Decor Trends 2019


Modern patterns mixed with neat and crisp details, is what minimalism is all about. Even though it was present last year, the love for this trend has not gone anywhere. Geometric patterns, metals, and the right colours make all the difference in the way you personalize your minimalist space.


Home Decor Trends 2019


Linen is a beautiful fabric and how you can utilize it in decor is by getting bedding that is made of linen. Like the trend of bringing outdoors inside, linen is all about the rawness. It need not be perfect. Its texture will make your bedroom look like a more personalized and an effortless place.



October 23, 2019 — Mahak arora