How To Style An Outfit Without Using BLACK Or WHITE

Each one of us either loves- Black or White, way too much to let go of it. However, one cannot deny the excitement that colors bring onto our everyday outfits. Combing colors with either black or white gives us an ease of effort while picking out our everyday outfits. This post is here to do exactly the same.  Following are some tips and tricks that will help you in being less dependent on black and white, and more experimental, while styling your everyday outfits.


One of the most effortless and yet unique ways to style an everyday outfit is to go monochrome. Pick any color of your choice and wear all pieces of the same color. You can either go with the same shade or use different shades of the same color. Try to go for matching separates and avoid dresses or jumpsuits. This will make your outfit a lot more interesting and experimental.

Monochrome Style


Complementary Colors:

For this one, we are taking you back to your art classes. Remember the color wheel? Complementary colors are the ones opposite each other on the wheel. This gives you many options- navy blue and yellow, deep red and sky blue, the list could go on and on. However, if the colors in their true forms are a little too bright for you, try using the unsaturated versions. You can also mix pieces that are saturated with its complementing color that is unsaturated. For example, dark navy blue can be paired well with a pastel orange. Go on and try this and we assure you, it won’t be disappointed.

Complementary Colors



This one is probably the easiest and the most appropriate for the summer. Using only pastels gives you an option of pairing even contrasting colors together, for example, pastel yellow and pastel blue. You can literally come up with thousands of options using this technique. Go ahead and try for your own!



Our love for black and white can never be replaced; however, they can be ditched on some days. After all, all the world is a runway and runways have to be colorful!