Fashion Influencer And Blogger Priyanka Sharma

Priyanka is one of our very valuable baes whom we love very dearly. While having a small chit-chat with her, we realized that she has a story to tell. We, then, took a step and decided to share that story with all of you.

Priyanka has always been fond of getting clicked and styling herself. She knew that she wanted to do something big in the fashion or music industry. She used to watch fashion shows and MTV shows and when Instagram became a thing, it became a huge part of her life. She then realized that it would be a great option to get serious about her passion. She started dressing up and posting pictures on Instagram. She would go to social media events and there she became friends with other bloggers. That’s how her reach expanded to a greater audience.

Fashion Influencer and Blogger Priyanka Sharma

When we asked her about strength, she didn’t take a second to say ‘her audience’. She believes that it is important for her, or anyone, for that matter to connect with their audience. She tries to take care of their needs. Other than that, you can find all kinds of content on her page, be it western fashion-related or skincare that she swears by. Her authenticity is what keeps her different from everyone.

Blogging or content creating is not her full-time job. She works as an engineer. Being in a 9-5 job is as tiring already and still curating content on a regular basis seems to be her superpower. We were amazed to see her dedication towards her work. She creates content for her audience on the weekends, or at night on weekdays.

Priyanka believes that her biggest success is yet to come. However, she acknowledges a few milestones of her life to be the most important ones. Starting from a few followers on Instagram to a fan range of 37k, she has come a long way. When she started with the whole blogging thing, her parents being conservative, didn’t support her much. With time, she managed to convince them of her talent, and according to her, that’s one of the biggest changes that has ever happened in her life. Priyanka has worked with 70-80 brands and that is a HUGE number if we really think about it.

She plans to achieve something huge in the next five years. Her dream is to work with international brands and make it big on YouTube. She has already worked with several national brands and her fanbase is increasing day by day. Keeping her love for her work in mind, we are sure that she’ll achieve her dreams super soon.

We cherish the time we worked with her, she has always been extremely professional and very modest. And her reply for ‘how does she like our brand’ got us really overwhelmed. She said and we quote, “It was so good to work with STALK, every product in the collection is so trendy and at a reasonable price, that way everyone can afford them. I loved the whole collection, and I was wondering when I’d get to collab with you guys AGAIN?”

In the end, while winding up the interview she thanked her audience for keeping her motivated every single day for 3.5 years now. She promised that she would keep creating useful and unbiased content for her audience for the longest time possible.

We thank Priyanka for taking out some time from her busy schedule and giving us this opportunity to have a really fruitful conversation. We are sure that this will motivate a whole lot of people to start working for their dream.

July 06, 2021 — Nitisha Maan