Say Bye To The Dry Winter Skin

The cold storms and chilling breezes of the winter weather are here. As much as we love the weather for the foggy nights, hot chocolates and bonfires, we cannot be blindsided by it. The less talked about winter cons would include dry skin, dry hair and dry hands, more often than other things. Winter can be really harsh towards our skin and we are here to tell you how to shield your skin against it. Here are some basic, yet effective skin care tips and tricks for a healthy skin even during the winters.



We all know that phase in our life when nothing seems to be moisturising enough for our lips. No matter which lip balms we try, our lips always tend to dry and crack up. This phase is obviously more specific to the winters. Lip basting is a technique where you can lock in the moisture for longer hours and get rid of the cracked, irritated lips overnight. Apply a thick layer of ointment on your lips and in about ten minutes your body will start to heat it up. This will help in deep penetration of the ointment and hence the hydration.


Winter Skin Care


We all love the feeling of a squeaky clean skin and sometimes forget about the harshness of the soaps that we might be using to achieve it. In winters, it is important to not use the regular soaps as they will tend to strip your skin of the natural oils. Use mild soaps like glycerine and creamy soaps. While we are on the topic of soaps, it is also important to know that taking extremely hot showers can also harm your skin. Hot water showers may seem comforting at first but dry out our skin later. Using lukewarm water is best if you want all that natural moisture locked in. The same concept stays true for our hair too!


Winter Skin Care


The point here is to only deep cleanse your skin twice or thrice every week. Using mild facial cleansers and deeply hydrating moisturisers all throughout the week can clog our pores. Remembering to exfoliate will keep the youngest skin on the surface and remove all the dried and dead skin cells. This stands true for the lips as well. Exfoliate them regularly and you will be all set to conquer the winter chills.


Winter Skin Care


The simplest of all the tips on this list, this one is most commonly ignored. Most of us do not pay attention to when and how we are applying our skincare throughout the day, as long as we are applying them at all. During the winters it is recommended to take a shower at night. It is that time of the day when the moisture gets as much of time as an entire night to penetrate and lock itself. As soon as you are out of the shower, apply your skin care essentials and body lotions. Finish of your routine with a water based moisture (suited for all skin types) and you are all set for your beauty sleep.



January 20, 2020 — Minakshi singh