The 5 Trends To Follow This Wedding Season!

At the blink of an eye, the wedding season is back yet again and this time with all new fashion and excitement packed within. The wedding season is always only an extension of overall fashion trends. These trends become all the more exciting when blended with our traditional Indian customs. The celebrity weddings, relevant in numbers, have also played an important role in popularising certain trends. These trends are what we will be taking you through in this post. Whether you are a bridesmaid or the bride herself, you are free to take inspiration from any of these trends.


Wedding Trends 2019


We are sure that you must be aware how pastel colour palettes have been dominating the Instagram feeds. However, the trend has evolved into an earthier colour palette in order to create a contrast between the décor and the Bride and Groom. Dark olives, dark browns, beige and pinks are some such options that you can go for. Take a look at the pictures and you will be convinced enough.



This is a trend that is not limited to just fashion or the décor, it is also about the guest list. People in the modern age are drifting away from the idea of the “Big Fat Indian Wedding” and accepting the concept of micro-weddings with open arms. Celebrating with only close friends and family is definitely easier on the pockets too, not forgetting what a relief it will be to the environment. 


Eco Friendly 2019


Like we mentioned earlier, micro-weddings are a good way of celebrating if you do not want the environment to suffer. Sustainability is more so the necessity of the time, rather than a trend. It’s one trend that we would recommend everyone to follow. Not only micro-weddings, you will have to see to it that all your décor is either bio-degradable or reusable. Make sure the after wedding cleaning is done with efficiency. There are also many slow fashion and sustainable fashion brands that you can browse to find the perfect outfit for yourself.



The iconic, traditional bridal wear for Indian brides has always been something of the colour red. This year the colour is trending more so than ever before. Thanks to Priyanka Chopra’s grand Sabhyasachi lehenga and Sonam Kapoor’s Anuradha Vakil lehenga, the colour red will be trending for seasons after season.


Flower Jewellery Indian Weddings


This is a trend that might not appeal you at first, but if you look at the right inspiration, we can’t think of any reason why you should not be following this trend. Quirky fashion jewellery has started creeping its way into the mainstream Indian wedding attires. These include flower jewellery and even sea shell jewellery. You can try these options for the less extravagant events like the mehendi and haldi ceremonies.