Three Not-So-Boring Ways Of Wearing A Sweater And Jeans

The classic blue jeans and black sweater is a combo that is sure to be a staple in the wardrobes of men and women alike. As functional and easy styling this may be, it is also the most cliché outfit there is out there. However, if you are creative with your styling you can definitely find ways of wearing the same thing with a different twist each time. To begin with and help you out a bit, we have listed down our top three ways of wearing this combo in a more fashionable way. Style on and feel free to experiment.


Winter Lookbook 2019


Another less popular wardrobe staple is a feminine white top. This could be a ruffle top or a frilly top, the choice is all yours. If you own a V-neck black sweater this style is bespoke made for you. Layer your white ruffle top underneath the black sweater. The chunkier it looks, the better it is. Take the ruffles of the top out of your sweater and tuck in your sweater into the jeans. Go with a messy hair up do and your effortless look is ready.


Winter Lookbook 2019


If you don’t have a black sweater, you can borrow your brother’s or boyfriend’s. Don’t worry about the size because the bigger your sweater is the better it is. Wear this oversized black sweater with a pair of fitted, skinny jeans. These jeans could be a pair boot cut jeans that are skinny from top and loose from the bottom. Half tuck in your sweater and accessorise as per your taste and your look is complete. Add on a beanie if you are not completely repulsed by it to add on to the tomboy-chic style!


Winter Lookbook 2019


This one is for all the girls out there who own the skinny black sweater. Do not worry we have a couple of options for you too. To balance out your outfit, wear your sweater with bottoms that have a different silhouette. Wear it with A-line skirts, bottoms or culottes for a casual look. Layer a white shirt underneath the sweater and let the collars and cuffs peak out for a semi-formal look. You can also layer this sweater on top of a bodycon mini skirt and layer on a belt. Do not tuck in your sweater for this one for a more unique look and you are good to go.

November 21, 2019 — Minakshi singh