The Chanel Pre-Fall 2020 Is Here!

For the pre-fall 2020 collection of their brand, Chanel under the direction of Virginie Viard, decided to come back to Paris. The Metiers d’Art for 2020 was showcased at the Grand Palais. The handiwork of the house’s atelier was displayed with utmost perfection and elegance. The show was Virginie Viard’s first ever Metiers d’Art, after the legendary Karl Lagerfeld’s death in February. There is a lot riding on her shoulders, but so far her leadership has made no positive change in terms of the brand. Her designs though, were extremely Chanel like. Take a look!


Chanel Pre Fall 2020- Mertiers d'Art


The show started off with a series of black outfits. The most attractive were the embellished belts that were layered on top of blazer dresses. The black and white colour palette continued for a long time, showcasing the classic Chanel silhouettes and blazers. The blazers soon shifted from power shoulders to more fluid feathery silhouettes, there on adding more white to the colour palette.


The most interesting part of the show was the continuing pearl accessories that seemed to be inspired from the rich and luxurious fashion of the 1920s. The fringe and feathers were seen every once in a while. There were layered on pearl necklaces that continued to draw the eyes throughout the show. The classic chained strap of a Chanel bag is recognisable from far. Viard went exploratory with it and used the pattern to design belts. Clothes from the show were highly minimal and classic Chanel, where as it were the accessories that stood out the most.


Chanel Pre Fall 2020- Mertiers d'Art


As the finale of the show approached the designs shifted from a black and white palette to a more colourful one. There were now deep purples, pinks corals and yellows. The designs also became less Chanel like and more fluid reminding us of sunsets and water. The make-up too shifted from statement eyes to statement lips, darker and edgier. The blazers were left bare underneath and layering kept to a minimum.


Chanel Pre Fall 2020- Mertiers d'Art


It is safe to say that the show was interesting and shifted from a classic, to a fluid and then finally a glamorous tone. The only theme that stayed constant was the powerful nature and impact of each design and every look. Sheer, embellishments, lace, satin, feathers, sheer, the collection was all about textures and variety.


December 06, 2019 — Sirat Panesar