Make–Up Looks To Inspire Your Wedding Look Book

Isn’t the winter festive season the best one? We are especially talking about the make-up lovers. There is no sweat, or excess oil to worry about. You can go as crazy for your look or as subtle; it will never run off and will require minimal touch ups. From smokey eyes to a no-make-up look, we have picked out our top 3 most favourite festive looks that were worn by none other our Bollywood celebrities. Read on to take some inspiration or even try and recreate these effortless Indian make-up looks!


Alia Bhatt recently wore this look for an event and we instantly fell in love. Unlike her classic bindi look, this one was a very minimal look. It is hard to imagine an Indian make-up look without the use of kajal. However, this one breaks all of the myths and is a perfect example of how to you can use a single colour as the accent of your entire look. The focus of the look was her eyebrows which were bold and beautiful. A soft peachy nude was used as her eye shadow, blush as well as the lips. These are the three major elements that need to match when you are trying to create a monotone look. Keep the base make-up light and glowy, the eye make-up smoked out and lips as subtle as possible. Use only mascara on your upper as well as lower lashes and no eye liner or kajal. Be generous with a subtle highlighter and you are all set with your festive look.


Alia Bhatt Saree Look


The second look which we have picked for an inspiration is this make-up look that was worn by Anushka Sharma very recently. We are all aware of her love for smokey eyes and no one else can wear them with as much grace and perfection as she does. If you notice her classic look, you will know how she never neglects her under eye make-up. More often than not her lower lash line is way lot smokier than her upper eye lids. The trick works wonders for someone with her eye shape as it lifts up the lower lash line and balances out the shape of the eye. For this particular look, Anushka has gone for a brown smokey look. If you want to recreate her look, make sure to use dark brown and not black on your upper eye lids. For your lower lash line, use a mix of black and brown. Pair up the eyes with a nude lip and matte base and you are all set to go. Do the rest of your make-up as you please not forgetting to turn on the bold!


Anushka Sharma Sabhyasachi


How can we forget the classic Indian make-up look that was shared by Sonam Kapoor with Vogue India. She even demonstrated the entire look, which you can refer to if you want to recreate the look exactly the way it is. To begin with the focus of the look would be the bold red lips. Do your make-up as usual and as per your liking. For the eyes, focus on making the eye brows as bold and neat as possible. Since your eye make-up is going to be minimal, make sure you take your time while doing the brows. For the eyes, line the inner water lines with a black kajal. Make sure to keep it dense and not smudged out. Take any flat eye shadow brush and line your eye with a soft smudge. Repeat on the lower lash line and apply generous amount of mascara. Apply your favourite red lipstick and you are all set. Don’t forget the bindi!


Sonam Kapoor Vogue Beauty Look