The Sneaker Obsession-Where Did It All Start?

If you love fashion, irrespective of your style, you ought to have a pair of white sneakers in your collection. And we don’t mean in a forceful kind of way, you will probably want to buy them for yourself. Currently, there are thousands of different styles, colours and patterns, that you are sure to like at least one. But when did the obsession with sneakers, or more specifically with the white sneakers began? The answer lies within the earlier centuries.


Sneakers Street Style


Monochrome has stayed popular for menswear since the history of fashion. However, in the recent times monochromes have been linked to the female fashion world too. There is also a common shift towards minimalism that has aggravated this love for monochrome. Modern monochrome trends can be dated back to the 1920s and the sneaker trend to about a century earlier.

It all started with the release of the Converse Chuck Taylor shoes. Keds had been making sneakers for the last three decades but had not received any celebrity or media attention. It was only when the Converse shoes hit the markets, the attention of the entire fashion world shifted towards the “Tennis Shoes”. Tennis shoes were what created the beginning of an obsession that lasted for an entire century.


Sneakers Street Style


Soon after, there were dozens of brands that started making their own variation of the trend and spiking up their production. Years after, the white leather sneakers remind the world of the good old tennis shoe days. The credit for the white sneakers has to go to Adidas undoubtedly. White sneakers started dominating the streets and markets when Adidas released their “Superstar” sneakers. They were black and white and minimal. Soon after, Common Projects released their “Achilles Low”. This particular design was inspired by vintage Adidas but was very different at the same time. It took minimalism to a whole new level.


Sneakers Street Style


The Achilles Low and Superstar sneakers took the fashion world by storm. All who were famous were wearing, endorsing and loving the trend. It was also highly functional which made it all the more likely to success. Moreover, both these shoes formed a cult of sorts and became a status symbol. It provided the perfect minimal-contrast with the surroundings and versatility with the clothes. It goes with every colour of your wardrobe. What more could you need from a stylish, comfortable everyday pair of shoes.

The brands continued to grow and the audience loved it even more. Jumping ahead to the present, there is a sneaker out there for every kind of personality and we think the trend is here stay and strive.