The Season To Layer Is Officially Here

As per the traditional rules of styling, layering is the backbone of a good winter style. This rule stands true till today, with the exception of it being applicable for the summers too. However, the concept of layering successfully is a lot more complicated than what it seems to be. The colours, styles and prints can get a little overwhelming when paired together. Which is why, we have decided to make it simpler for you by breaking it down to three simple steps. Continue reading to master the art of layering!


Winter Street Style


Silhouette is the foundation of any outfit that you want to create. There is always a flow and rhythm to an outfit. This is decided by two major elements- the part of your body that you want to highlight and the part of your body that you do not want to highlight. For example, if you want to highlight your waist, you will need to find clothing that cinches at the waist or else use a belt. In case you are going for a deconstructed, oversized, laidback style, make sure to add not more than one fitted element. In case you are going for a structured, fitted look, make sure to keep not more than one loose/oversized piece in your outfit. Follow these steps and you can easily build your outfit from there on.


Winter Street Style


Pairing colours together is actually quite easy once you know exactly what you like and want. However, there are certain generic rules that you can follow blind folded to create an interesting look. Pastels always look good together, monochromes are sure to turn heads, complementing colours (from the colour wheel) will always look good together. On another note if you want to break the rules and go for something completely different, you can try adding neon elements, jewel tones, and contrasting colours together in your outfit.


Winter Street Style


The third and the most intimidating one is to pair different prints together. This is probably the most complicated to get a hang of but the most impactful when you do. For this point you will have to remember the silhouette as well as the colours and try to create a natural balance. This means, you will need to focus on what colours you are pairing together. In addition, you also need to remember that prints on prints can get overwhelming, leaving your body looking out of balance. Focus on highlighting your waist as it is most easy to get lost among the prints. Remember to always pair either all minimal and all maximal prints together, or equal measure of minimal and maximal together in order to be able to create a balance. Another interesting way of adding prints to your outfit would be by adding one element that is printed. This could be a scarf, a top or a belt depending on if you want to make an understated statement or an all out one.


November 18, 2019 — Mahak arora