It’s Time To Challenge The Black And White Look

We all have an ethereal love for an all-black, an all-white outfit or a black and white look. Maybe we love these staples because they are simply easy to style however colours aren’t so bad after all. We always are naturally drawn to either black and white and for all the right reasons. They are effortless, timeless and look good on everyone. No one would want to let go of that ease. But what if we gave you 5 brilliant alternatives to the good old black and white? Don’t just assume, continue reading and know what we are talking about!



Beige is another one of the colours that will never be out of style. It is also a versatile colour and can be easily paired with anything. The process of styling a monotone beige look is just as easy as styling a black and white look and it is obviously more impactful. We don’t see a reason why you shouldn’t give this a try.


Monochrome Looks


If you have been following fashion, you know that Classic Blue is the Pantone colour of the year for 2020. As controversial as it maybe, it’s a colour that you can never go wrong with. Moreover, a colour like blue can be as bright, as subtle or as deep as you would want it to be. Pair different shades of it together and you have yourself an outfit that doesn’t look effortless but actually was!



Another trending colour palette is the earthy colour palette, the colours of nature as we see them. Colours like deep mustard, sage green, olive green and rusty reds are not only trending colours but are very easy to pair with each other. Try it out for yourself.


Monochrome Looks


If you remember the promotional outfits of Sonam Kapoor from The Zoya Factor days, you will know about the power of red. It is extremely easy to style and is one of the most timeless colours. The best way to get out of the black and white monotony is to go all bright and red!



Relatively safe and eloquent is the colour palette of pastels. You can make an all-pastel outfit as colourful or as monochromatic as you like. It’s the most simple way to break the monotony in a very chic way.


Monochrome Looks


January 15, 2020 — Minakshi singh