The Four Fashion Items Worth Splurging On

Having a personal style in the trendy world of today is not as easy as it sounds. More often than not we find ourselves all confused with the thousands of options in the market. Instead of blindly buying expensive pieces or products, we should have it clear in our minds as to what we use and do not use and what you want to be a durable piece. It is also a very personal choice to make. However, we are here to suggest some of our wardrobe essentials that combine all the factors and give you enough reason to splurge on them!


Make Up Flatlay


Accessories are an important part of any outfit and your hand bag is the most important accessory. You are in luck if sling bags and back packs are more your style, since they are always a lot more affordable than other bags. Nonetheless, splurging on a good bag is always worth it. It will elevate your look instantly, last you a long time, and if you decide to splurge on a designer bag, will also act as an investment.



Before going shopping, look at your shoes collection to see what the styles that you wear the most are. It could be sneakers, flats or even heels. Now that you know that you have an inclination towards a certain style go ahead splurge on some good quality shoes. Shoes are more prone to easy wear and tear than any other pieces of your wardrobe. It is hence, a great idea to splurge on good quality shoes that are going to last you a while and also feel extremely comfortable on your feet.


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A good pair of sunglasses is just as important as anything else on this list. Over the year, its function of protecting our eyes against the sun has been replaced by a fashion accessory. No doubt, sunglasses’ trends come and go. However, you can always invest in a classic pair that is sure to suit you and be in trend forever. It will not only help you elevate your look, but also hide those sleepy eyes on your no-make-up days.


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If you have to choose between make-up and skin care, as difficult as this choice is, always choose skin care. If you invest in the right skin care for your skin related problems you will not need to invest as much on the make-up. We are not talking about investment in terms of money alone we also mean the time and energy that we invest in make-up. Also, make-up is an art that not all girls are good at. You can definitely makeup for it by making your skin super healthy so that you don’t need much of make-up anyway.




November 20, 2019 — Sirat Panesar