Flared Pants are Back With a Bang!

Flared Pants are Back With a Bang!

Fashion and its trends are ever changing, newer trends and newer looks are always around the corner. On one hand generations like to go with the current trends only and on the other hand they welcome retro trends from time to time. Such a retro trend emerging from the unknown has been seen in the case of Flared Pants. Retro Denims and Pants are making a comeback these days. Anti-skinny Jeans came back in trend in 2021 and we are still witnessing Flare Trends on the runway and the streets.

Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Harry Styles and Rihanna gave a seal of approval while they were spotted in 70s inspired Flares. Bollywood celebrities like Ranveer Kapoor has literally made flared pants his go to look. So, what is this fuss about flared pants? Let us just dive into the details to further enhance your Fashion knowledge.

The origin of Flares

 Surprisingly the origin of Flared Pants has nothing to do with fashion, sailors in America started to wear Bell- Bottom trousers for their comfort and rigidness. Flares started to appear in movies in the 70s and Generation X instantly became mad about it. Even millennials after watching movies of Amitabh Bachchan and Shashi Kapoor, went into full Bell Bottom Jeans mode. It is no exaggeration to say that Movies and TV pushed Flared into mainstream.

Types of Flares in Demand

  1. High Waisted Flares: Starting above your waistline these flares give you a look and finish of super long legs.
  2. Low Rise Flared jeans: Gives you a combined look of the 70s and the 2000s. Combine with heavy trainers and cropped top to kill the competition.
  3. Tall Flared Jeans: Tend to exaggerate your already good height with these flares. These are especially for longer legged ladies out there. Pair them with casual tank tops or long coat to draw eyes from everywhere.
  4. Plus sized Flared Jeans: If you are aligned more on the curvier side, this type of flare is a blessing to you. Don’t think much, just slip them on and be ready to go.

Flares to fit your Body Style

The modern flares can be considered as one of the most flattering styles of jeans for women. Just put them on and they will add grace to your figure. As a result, they fit all types of body styles from curvy to tall and Narrow Hips to Petite. Flared Jeans for Women are a treat for every body type. 

Shoes to wear with your Flares

 Platform shoes in any form are the way to go with Flares. These might be sneakers, sandals, or boots. Converse canvas trainers, on the other hand, are a terrific way to wear flares for a casual look but only if you're not into the idea of adding additional height to your appearance.

 Wrapping it up

In a nutshell we can, without a single doubt, say that Flared Pants are back with a vengeance. Gone are the days when once a fashion became obsolete, it kept on being outdated. Flared Jeans proved nothing but the fact that fashion never becomes a thing of past. People in the 70s were obsessed about flared style, millennials followed the style and the generation Z are just going with the trends which once were an absolute stunner. Retro Denims came back and showed us how tough as well as stylish our grandparents were!! Flares are here to stay!!

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