Why Are Watches A Classic Luxury Possession?

Why Are Watches A Classic Luxury Possession?

Investing in good statement pieces is always a great idea. Whether you are an accessories person or not, watch is one such staple that you should definitely have. A watch has long preceded its purpose of telling time and has become a style statement. There is so much more to this versatile accessory and we will tell you exactly why you should invest in a good watch!

January 09, 2020 — Mahak arora
The Bags You Will Need In Your Wardrobe This Season

The Bags You Will Need In Your Wardrobe This Season

A new season, calls for new fashion. Even though it’s way too soon to let go of our summer fashion trends, the thought of new is what keeps us going. All the runways, from Milan to New York showcased some of the best designs. The most interesting was, however, the variations of handbags that we got to see. So many beautiful designs, not enough time to use them. In case you haven’t been keeping up to date, the handbag trends were all over the place for this season. From tiny bags to oversized bags, the variation covered everything in between.

September 30, 2019 — Yashika Luthra
An All Round Guide For College Fashion

An All Round Guide For College Fashion

College is that time of your life when you can experiment with fashion as much as you like. Just like anything else in your life, you try out different chairs before you decide which one you like. In case of fashion you try following the style of your favourite celebrity or youtuber, read blogs and put in a lot of efforts before you finally know what a good fit is for you. Although, as good an experiment is with fashion, it’s important to follow certain rules when it comes to college fashion. These tips come from a place of experience and some really uncomfortable memories.
September 03, 2019 — Sirat Panesar
Are Fanny Packs Our Oldest Accessory?

Are Fanny Packs Our Oldest Accessory?

To be able to predict the future of the fanny pack, we need to visit the story of its origins. As most of you may already have guessed, fanny packs were exclusively made for athletic wear.  From a mummified corpse to a young hipster, everyone seems to be wearing it.
How To Wear These Sunglasses In 2019?

How To Wear These Sunglasses In 2019?

The fastest changing, ever trending and a necessity, sunglasses are a must in every woman’s bag. Bold and colourful, this season’s sunglasses seem to be mimicking the colourful 80’s. However, it is not only the 80s but the 90s too which are making a comeback in the sunglasses’ world. From the tiny cat eyes to the huge colourful glasses, we will tell you exactly how to break these crazy experimental sunglass trends and wear them with confidence.

Beach’in The Right Way

Beach’in The Right Way

All that you need to know about, before you hit the beach this summer!

Summers are finally here, and if you are dying to hit the beach (just like the rest of us beach babes), this post will surely help you in planning your beach day a lot better! Here are some of the must haves that you will need to check off your list before you head for a beach-day-out!

Wear Your Body Con Dress With A Casual Twist

Wear Your Body Con Dress With A Casual Twist

An all-time favourite and flattering for every body type, a body con dress is mostly worn as a statement piece. With it, most people accessorise with minimal pieces. However, we are here to break the monotony and help you broaden your minds. By some simple methods like thinking creatively and looking at some inspirations, you can easily break the monotony of the stereotypical styles. Here are some of the many ways in which you can give your body con dresses a casual twist.
Fashion Favorites Of The Month

Fashion Favorites Of The Month

With the beginning of another month, it’s finally time to take a look back at our favorite celebrity looks from the month of June. Our celebrities never run out of events to go to or shall we say excuses to wear some of the most beautiful looks.
5 Different Ways To Style A White Shirt

5 Different Ways To Style A White Shirt

An all-time classic piece, blends well with every style and is something that every girl has in her wardrobe- the evergreen “White Shirt”. Even if you don’t have a white shirt in your closet, this post will definitely convince you to go ahead and buy one. Here are five of the many ways in which you can wear a white shirt:

  1. The Casual Knot:

If you think that a white shirt can only be worn in formal spaces, we are here to break the myth. Wear your white shirt only half-buttoned and tie up the rest into a double knot. You can pair up this style with some vintage denims, or high-waist trousers, or even an A-Line skirt. Twist your white shirts into a casual look and you are ready to be a head turner.

 Casual Knot White Shirt

  1. Light Layering:

A white cotton shirt is perfect for use in summers, especially when you want to layer but it’s too hot to. Whether it’s a simple body con dress, or a cute jumpsuit, an open overlay of a white shirt acts like an accessory without being one. You can even open up the shirt, half fold its sleeves and tie it up on the front. Another way of layering a white shirt is wearing it under a body con dress or a simple camisole. Use these tricks and take your everyday outfits from simple to statement.

 Layering White Shirt

  1. Formal Fit:

The simplest way of styling and also our favorite one is the tucked in shirt. This is no rocket science, and all that you need to do is be as neat as possible. Tuck in the shirt from all the sides, evenly and neatly and you are set to go. You can wear this style with a skirt, trousers, denims or anything else in the world.

 Formal Fit White Shirt

  1. Chic Up:

Adding accessories is the best way of taking your outfit up a notch. Gold or silver, the choice is all yours. Make sure to match your accessory (gold, silver, bronze etc.), throughout your outfit. Layer on a few necklaces, rings, belts and even hair accessories; to make your basic outfit an extraordinary one.

 Chic Up White Shirt

  1. Baggy And Boujie:

The baggier the white shirt, the more effortless your style will look. Buy your shirt either in a size up, or from the men’s section, fold up the sleeves, and half tuck in your shirt. You can even add a belt to make sure your waist is visible in a beautifully synced way. You can, again, wear this style with denims, skirts or tights, and look easy-breezy all the day long.

 Baggy White Shirt

Five Ways To Wear A Maxi-Dress

Five Ways To Wear A Maxi-Dress

Maxi-dresses are super comfortable along with being flattering to the figure. They don’t need to be one-time wear. Shop smart and you can style all your maxi dresses in multiple ways just by adding these simple touches to it.


While maxi dresses can tend to be on the fancier side, layering them by adding a cropped t-shirt or a sweater can tone your look down a notch and make your dress a bit more wearable. Go for colors that complement each other and turn your dress into a casual piece and you’re ready for a relaxed afternoon out.

Layer It Up


Your maxi dress no longer needs to be at the back of your closet after a one time wear. Pairing it with a shirt knotted at the waist can provide with a very edgy and casual look. Wear some sneakers or platform heels with this look to complete the vibe. Add a nice bagpack or a crossbody bag and you are set for the day.

Knotted Shirt


Wearing a maxi-dress can sometimes become overwhelming with the same print or color going on for a long while. You can break up that chain and amp your look up a level by adding some accessories. Choose your jewelry, belts, hats, and bags wisely by styling them according to the look you are going for.



This should be an easy look as most maxi-dresses already give off a glam up a vibe. Add some gold or silver accents to a solid dress, an exaggerated bag, and some elegant heels and you can rock the red carpet anytime you want!

Red Carpet Ready


 Along with being extremely adaptive, maxi dresses are also very comfortable. Comfort is an important aspect while working. While wearing a long dress to work, it allows you to move freely in it while looking fabulous. A standard maxi may not look very formal but when paired with the right blazer and footwear, you can’t go wrong with it.

Work in it

These are a few hacks that can help you incorporate your maxi dresses into a day to day look and for every occasion with minimal effort. No need to regret wearing that dress only once anymore. Have these tricks up your sleeve, know how to recreate your look, and you can be a very smart fashionista in no time.



Hey there folks! So, as laid back as the ‘Fraternity Look’ appears, it might not be that easy peasy a deal to get it right. But, what are we there for then? To help you wade through the bucket load of troubles that life can unload on you in your early 20’s, at least we can help sort out the fashion department for you.

So, here are are a couple of ways to ‘GET THE LOOK’ :- 



You can just throw them on, pair them up with a checkered shirt, a spaghetti - if you are confident about those shoulders, though we don’t see any reason why not to wear them. BODY POSITIVITY.

 Trendy Dresses



 Now, Indian Summers can be tough slip into a cute pair of shorts and beat the heat. You can team it up with some really nice button-down shirt and get the lumberjack look and chop some wood! Or some nice graphic T that can soak up the sweat and let you have an easy breezy day.




You cannot go to college and not have a good pair of sneakers to help you survive the day. If you are one of those who participate in a lot of extra co-curricular, you need them! Wear them with your denims, skirts, shorts. Sneakers in neutral shades of grey, black and white can go with almost all of your outfits.




So, either you can go sans jewellery or strut around wearing a statement piece. It can be a choker, a ring, a bandana, feather earrings, anything that you feel completes the look.


Remember girls, don’t be afraid to go ‘silly’. Maybe you discover a unique sense of style that others around you start imitating. You never know! So, don’t be afraid to go out there and express yourself.

Toodles till the next post! Stay Stylish. Be Silly. :)

September 04, 2018 — Anjila Kindra